We’re home

At least it’s home for now anyway. We arrived in Campbell River at about 8 on Wednesday and had the trailer pretty well unpacked by 9:30. We would have been home a couple of hours earlier if we’d paid attention to the ferry schedules, and tried just a bit harder to get away earlier in the morning. As it was, we left the campsite at 8:10 and would have made it to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal about 10 minutes after the 12:45 sailing. Not bad time considering we were hauling a trailer over the Coquihalla. Since we weren’t going to make it anyway, we trudged through the 30 mile long construction zone which is the Transcanada Highway and caught the Horseshoe Bay ferry at 3:10.
The house was fine, though it smelled like it had been shut down for a month. Once the windows and doors were opened it was fine. Our neighbour and the service looking after the yard did a fine job, and things look good. I can tell that there’s been lots of rain, as the flowers and hedge look well watered, and I was expecting them to be pretty dried out.
Anyway, we’re here for a while, and are already thinking about where we’d like to spend a couple of weeks in the trailer. This traveling thing really gets in your blood I guess.


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