The new stuff is starting to arrive.

Sylvia mentioned that it’s starting to feel like Christmas around here as we’re opening up boxes and receiving new things every day or so. Thursday’s ‘present’ was a new dishwasher. The one that came with the house was 8 years old, and while it was in decent shape, the technology has changed quite a bit over that period of time. It had a 3 inch tube running up the center of the tub that prevented us from loading any decent amount of dishes in the unit. We had purchased a Kenmore dishwasher a couple of years ago, and really liked how it cleaned and loaded so we went to Sears to see if we could get one for a decent price. It so happened that they were having a SALE (imagine that) and we were able to pick up an updated version of our Campbell River unit for a better price than I remember paying a few years ago.

So, after a couple of hours of poking and prodding I managed to get the dishwasher to look like it belonged in the kitchen, and Sylvia is pleased. We’ve determined that it’s going to hold about 30% more dishes per load than the old unit so we’re going to save some hot water at least.


Today our new dining room table arrived. It’s a Canadian made piece which seems to be an increasingly difficult thing to find these days. Sylvia found it at a La-z-Boy furniture store as a floor model, and we were able to get it for a decently reduced price. It is solid wood and looks great.


We didn’t have an area rug for the dining room so it was off on a road trip to Jordans who (surprise surprise) were having a HUGE SALE. Actually they were moving locations as of this weekend and were trying to blow out a lot of their stock. The place looked like a renovation gone wrong when we were there, but the prices were indeed reduced 60-70%. So, a nice new rug (100% wool and hand stitched) came home with us.


The old dining table didn’t go far though as we moved it into our eating nook. It’s not a perfect fit, but we’re considering our options for it including cutting 10 inches out of the middle of the table to make it fit the space better. I think I’ll leave that project until next year. It looks pretty good the way it is right now if you ask me.


On our way home from the rug store we picked up another item that our kids might think would never have happened. We are now the owners of a 55 inch LED TV. As this is our first flat screen TV, we’re pretty impressed with the picture quality and watching the Lions game was a treat. It was even better that they won.


I’ve got it sitting on the old stand that held our 26 inch TV, and it looks pretty small. I’ll have to fix that soon.


5 responses to “The new stuff is starting to arrive.

  1. It all looks real nice. Where is the bedroom suite?


  2. You must have a better pension than me! Lol. Everything looks really nice.


  3. We rejoice with you! :^) The blessings of the Lord are also in the little things of life. Enjoy. Norma


  4. The house, and new furniture look wonderful. Glad you’re settling in so quickly. We have a couple of gardeners coming Monday to give me a hand rebuilding the front flower beds. It’s time, and heavy work so we’ll rent a couple of young backs for the job. Jerry is busy with the church build, helping out with clean up, painting, and guard duty for Halloween. Keeps him young.


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