A Busy Weekend

Saturday morning started off fairly normal……at least for the first hour or so. After breakfast Sylvia and I were planning on heading out to do some shopping at the local Farmer’s Market among other places. While she headed into the shower I decided to catch up on some of our paperwork and filing. The office in our house is about as far away from our ensuite as you can get and still be on the  same floor, so the chances of me hearing Sylvia calling to me from the shower is about nil. Soon after she started running the water she figured out that there was a problem as she wasn’t getting anything more than slightly warm water. As she couldn’t get my attention she continued on and started searching for me once she was finished.

As soon as I figured out we had a problem I headed downstairs and was greeted by soggy looking hot water tank, and a very wet carpet surrounding it. It turned out that the tank was leaking enough water to snuff out the pilot light, and I quickly determined that I had a new priority for the day. As we were leaving to attend an event in Vernon by 3:00 I started figuring out a plan of action quickly. I took off for the local Canadian Tire and Home Despot to see if I could find a replacement tank which matched the size and dimensions of our existing tank. Specifically I wanted to make sure that the Natural Gas inlet was in the same side and height as the old unit as I didn’t want to have to find a gas fitter on short notice. Once I found what we needed I made the purchase and headed home (it’s sure nice to own a pickup and a fridge dolly).

I hooked up a garden hose to the spigot and started to drain the tank. What I didn’t realize was how long it would take to drain a 50 gallon tank, and just like a watched pot, nothing happens fast when you’re in a hurry. After about 40 minutes of waiting I got fed up and decided to add more water to what was on the floor already and manhandled the tank out of the way so I could install the new one.

So, about 4 hours after I started, and just as Sylvia was returning from her errands, I finished up the reinstall and hoped the water would warm up quickly enough so I could have a shower before we had to leave for Vernon. Now I just have to figure out how to get rid of the old tank, and another rather large cardboard box.

The event in Vernon was a CD release party for Sylvia’s sister-in-law Betty Johnson. She’s put together a CD named Saving My Heart and has written all but 2 of the songs herself. We’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while and weren’t disappointed. The music was great, the event was sold out, and we had a great visit with Ray and Betty along with Sylvia’s Dad and his wife Joan.


Betty really enjoyed herself, and you can tell that she loves performing her own music.


We woke up to a nice morning today, and while it’s started to cool off, it’s still pretty bright most days. I keep hearing about this thing called snow in the forecast though. I don’t think it’s real though. I just think the locals are trying to mess with my mind.



2 responses to “A Busy Weekend

  1. David Charles Smith

    better now than when you are down south


  2. There are days when the ‘good, bad and the ugly’ come to visit :^) And I agree with DCS – Praise the Lord that the water tank went while you were home and able to deal with it. Norma


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