Catch up time.

It’s been a while since I last made a post, but if you can believe it, today was only the second time since we arrived here that we’ve made time in our day to get out for a walk. It seems that after getting through breakfast, TV news, exercise time, putting up pictures, rearranging stuff in the garage, making lunch, cleaning up the yard, taking a run to the local dump and getting home in time to make dinner and crashing in front of the TV for the evening I haven’t had much energy left to fire up the computer.

So, here’s the short form of our last couple of weeks…

– purchasing a second flat screen TV allows us to use both the upstairs and downstairs in our house.

– no matter how many times you fill up garbage cans with leaves and take them to the dump you seem to have just as many leaves left scattered around the yard.

– 21 cans and bags of leaves, branch prunings and hedge trimmings adds up to 4 trips to the dump with a very full pickup each time.

– no matter how big your recycle bin is, it’s never big enough when pickup is only every second week. When you move or purchase new furnishings it’s really not big enough. When you do both it means another  couple of trips to the dump with a very full pickup.

– when you need to replace and dispose of your hot water tank, TV and dishwasher, you tend to get real familiar with the clerk at the local dump and recycling center.

– unpacking, hanging and re-hanging 38 different pictures and plates takes about 3 weeks to accomplish. (the fact that there’s still more to come might just mean I’ll be a certified picture hanger when they’re all finished. Hopefully I’ll be waiting long enough before using that talent next time that I’ll have forgotten how)

– there are approximately 200 lineal feet of grout lines in a typical tiled bathroom floor. Painting that 200 lineal feet with latex paint takes several hours, and thank goodness we own 2 sets of knee pads, or one of us might have been a cripple by the time we were finished.

– having visits by friends for dinner and relatives for tea makes for great times. This coming weekend we’re having Sylvia’s Brother and his wife in for dinner. We may just have to find some friends to come over for tea to even things up.

– somewhere my parents are smiling down at Sylvia. One thing that I really wanted to take from my parents house after my Dad died several years ago was a large brass wall hanging that Sylvia thought was absolutely butt ugly. I had standing orders to get rid of it and never let it darken her door. On one of my trips home from my folks place I brought the offending sculpture with me and managed to get it mounted above the fireplace before she got home from work. Needless to say she was surprised to see it, but had to admit that it looked good especially on the brickwork in our house. We didn’t know where we’d place it in our new home, as we really didn’t have a lot of wall space wide enough to handle a 5 foot wide piece of brass. Finally Sylvia thought that turning it side ways and placing it in the stairwell might just work. When we finally got it hung up this morning, Sylvia was pleased with how it looks. My folks are probably smiling from heaven.


– Sylvia really likes West Kelowna and she’s told me so herself several times. It’s nice to hear, and reassuring to know that we didn’t make a mistake by moving here.

– it was about time we got out for a walk today, and the views from our surrounding neighbourhoods are pretty nice.


– we don’t miss seeing the ocean every day. No matter where we go around here we see nice views, and lots of water. And for a change not that much of it is falling from the sky.


5 responses to “Catch up time.

  1. I too am very pleased for the both of you. A place to call home is a blessing, as we await our heavenly home. ;^) Love, Norma


  2. You had me exhausted with your first paragraph! So glad to hear that you are enjoying your new home! I love Kelowna!


  3. So glad you found a spot for the brass hanging. It’s really lovely, and a bit of a memoir of the coast, with all the sail shaped pieces. Looks great on that stairwell wall.


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