Yep, it snows here.

It’s not that I thought people were lying to me, but we’ve experienced our first snowfall here over the past day. While the forecast was for less than 1cm of snow, it’s nice to know that the meteorologists here are no better than they are anywhere else. We received about 9 cm of the white stuff yesterday and overnight, and I had to shovel the driveway twice (once yesterday and once this morning).


The one thing that makes that not so bad is that the snow here is FAR lighter than anything we ever had fall on us in Campbell River. It only took me about 30 minutes to shovel the drive, about half the time and twice the square footage that I had to deal with in CR. Once the snow stopped and the sun came out it made for a great day.



I have determined that we live in a bit of a snow bowl though. There’s hardly any snow in Westbank, about 10 km away, and there’s absolutely no accumulation at Winfield, which is about 20 km in the other direction. That could be ominous as time goes by…..


6 responses to “Yep, it snows here.

  1. Snow only makes you appreciate Arizona that much more. :^) Plus now you really can be snow birds flying south. Norma


  2. It sure does…. We are all packed and ready to leave tomorrow.. Before more snow arrives! We found it funny that you thought the snow was light, that is what we always say.. Not at all like CR…and if you wait long enough it melts! Bit you sure do have a long driveway!! Dave usually uses his leaf blower !! We will call you from Yuma when we know we will be your way, send us directions to your sunny spot!! Looking forward to more blogs…we will keep us posted.. Happy holidays! Luce and Dave


  3. Hmmm, I was thinking that you must be a bit higher up then most. It does look beautiful though.


    • We’re pretty well level with Hwy 97 and the lights at Boucherie/Horizon Drive. That’s probably about the same as the shopping areas in Westbank, and they don’t have nearly as much snow as us. I’m beginning to think that there are some specific snow bands in the valley, and we moved into one of them.


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