It’s official…

We live in a snow belt. The weatherman on the Global Okanagan News brought out a few statistics from the local area this afternoon.The official recorded snow level at the Kelowna Airport over the past few days is 0.8 cm of snow. One of the producers of the show lives on the same road as we do. He has 14 inches of snow on his deck, and we’re not far behind. The announcer mentioned that you might want to take note of that when you’re looking for real estate in the area. Where was he 5 months ago.


At least it’s warming up, and hopefully the driveway will be clear for a few days. I wanna be in Arizona….



6 responses to “It’s official…

  1. We are nearly there!


  2. But it is so beautiful…why don’t you just enjoy it for the little while you will be there. Are you sorry you moved there already. We have no snow.


  3. Doesn’t ‘do’ snow… She just needs to get on a big black garbage bag and so sliding down the nearest hill. It will invigorate her and she just might learn to smile at the snow :^)…. yah sure… I don’t ‘do’ snow either. That’s why I live on the coast. But… I would rather have fluffy snow, dry days and clear skies over forever wet and dark…. only 6 more months to go.


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