They said there was a viewpoint up here somewhere!

2012-11-24 15.01.17

On the weekend we went for a walk in Rose Valley Regional Park, which is just up the hillside from our home. We’d driven past the parking lot a few times, but had never had the time to stop and actually go for a hike. It’s quite a large area, and encompasses the reservoir at Rose Valley Lake which provides water for this whole area. It turns out that my Grandfather (the legendary Pop, who always threatened to ‘poke a hole’ in his great grandkids) was instrumental in designing and excavating the layout of the reservoir back in the 1950’s. He worked for the water districts around the Okanagan Valley for many years, and from what I hear not all of his advice was heeded. He always was taught (back from his days in Switzerland) to burn off the trees in any new reservoir. Due to constraints of time and money this was not done in Rose Valley and left the water with quite a brown tint for many years. I gather the charcoal left behind by the burning process gives quite a few benefits as far as filtering the water, but once the ground is covered with water, it’s far to late to go back.

When we entered the park there was a good map showing several viewpoints, and many intersecting trails so I figured we couldn’t get too lost. We only explored a small portion of the park, and as none of the trails are marked we really had no idea where we were. We were surrounded by trees for all of our adventure, and took quite a few dead end trails looking for viewpoints. For the most part we were disappointed as there seemed to be nothing but trees and more trees. We finally caught a glimpse of the lake and figured we’d seen the best view we could for this day.

2012-11-24 15.01.08

On our way down we caught up to a fella on a mountain bike (he was going really slow whether up hill or down) and decided to follow him for a bit. The trail soon started to climb again and we came out on a small bluff that did actually provide a view. Our house isn’t too far below the area on the left, but is hidden in the valley between the trees and the homes across the highway.

2012-11-24 15.05.472012-11-24 15.05.54

On the home front, we’re still having new pieces of furniture arrive and other than a new TV stand have pretty well finished the Living Room. A couple of new chairs and lamps appeared in the last few days, and Sylvia has declared that it ‘Works’. Thank goodness it does, as I don’t think I’m up to doing any more shopping if it didn’t ‘Work’.

2012-11-26 10.13.48

We’re still having the local deer family show up in our yard every couple of days. I’ve been trying to figure out what I can use to make them seem a little less comfortable in the yard, and have considered purchasing either a pellet gun or slingshot to scare them off. The problem with those devices is I don’t really want pellets, ball bearings or even frozen paintball ammo strewn around the yard, and I’m sure that  whatever I do with a weapon will alarm the neighbours. I finally came up with a solution this morning and started throwing ice-cubes at them, and it moved them off pretty quick. I even hit one on the rear end when it wasn’t moving off as quickly as I wanted, and it bounced away quickly after that. I may just be on to something here and  I have a never ending supply of cubes from the icemaker in the fridge. It also gets my arm in shape for softball once we get to Arizona, so we’ll see how much practice I get in.

The projects around the house are winding down, and I managed to get the ‘Gallows’ built last week. We have an exercise device called the ‘Perfect Pullup’ which is meant to hang in a doorway. In our previous house we had a great spot for it in the basement that didn’t interfere with anything else. Here we couldn’t find a spot where it wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb, so I decided to build our own archway in the storage area. It only cost $20 for lumber (and about $120 in new tools, but you can never have enough Impact Drivers if you ask me). Oh, and when did a 2X8 become a 7 inch wide board? All my life I remember dimensional lumber being 1/2 inch less than its designation, so I was expecting a 7.5 inch board. I guess it’s cheaper that way.

2012-11-26 11.11.00

The yard is pretty well buttoned up for the winter and the last yard waste pickup for the year was this morning. I managed to fill the bin with the rest of the leaves and twigs that had fallen yesterday before I watched the Grey Cup. It’s been quite a while since I watched 4 hours of football and entertainment so I’m disappointed that it wasn’t really a very good game. And which rocket scientist decided that Justin Bieber was a good fit for a football crowd. I know there’s lots of people in the world who adore him, but I don’t think there were many 11 year old girls watching the game. Anyway I hope Toronto enjoys the celebration, and doesn’t start thinking that they can start planning a Stanley Cup celebration soon as well. Oh wait, I think you actually have to start playing hockey before seeing how disappointed the Maple Leaf fans can be.


4 responses to “They said there was a viewpoint up here somewhere!

  1. The new living room looks very stylish! Sounds like you guys are getting settled in. Weather on the Island has been alternating between rain and sun. We have had some really nice days lately and I even managed to do nine holes of golf on Saturday. Mount Washington is opening on Friday so it’s time to blow the dust off the skis. Take care.


    • Golfing one day and skiing the next must be just about perfect for you. The courses around here shut down when it snowed, and they managed to get the greens tarped once they showed up again. The fairways still look pretty green though. We’ve been invited to Sylvia’s brothers to do some snowshoeing, but I think we need some more snow first.


  2. Your living room is beautiful. I can’t wait to sit and have wonderful godly fellowship and conversation in it. :^) Loads of love, Norma


  3. Hockey?? is that a sport for anyone or just the rich..I’m looking forward to female Russian CHESS, exciting!!!!!!


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