Just another Snowy Day in Paradise


As I sit in the office and ponder the snow that just keeps falling, I’m finding myself thinking more and more of being warm and sun-soaked in a couple of weeks. The weather forecast for Kelowna shows that it’s supposed to snow off and on until  Monday. From then until the end of the week it’s going to be sunny, but still no more than a couple of degrees above freezing. I’ve been concerned that we’d be in trouble driving the truck and trailer out of here next Friday, but as long as the weather forecast is fairly accurate we shouldn’t have any problems. There is about 6 inches of the white stuff in our yard, but virtually none in the City of Kelowna itself. I just looked at the Road Cams at DriveBC.com, and while the Coquihalla and Hope-Princeton highways are covered in snow, they’re still somewhat passable, and the Fraser Canyon (which has become my go to route) has almost no snow on the shoulder and none on the road as of this afternoon.

Our days recently have involved getting the trailer packed, the house ready to leave, and reading various blogs of our friends who are travelling in the south right now. Croft and Norma are gallivanting around Mexico, Contessa is planted outside Mazatlan, and Les has moved permanently to an area north of Mexico City. From their blogs I’ve linked to several other travellers, and it’s sure making us wonder why we’re still here playing with a snow shovel.

Our son Jason was here last weekend for a short visit, and it was a treat to have him here. The weather was cool, but clear and sunny, so we took a drive down to Oliver to see the sights, and stop in at some of his favourite wineries. He took the time to try and teach his Mom some tricks about using her new IPhone (handed down from Angela), and while it didn’t have all the features of his new and improved model, she was able to take some nice pictures after the lesson.





8 responses to “Just another Snowy Day in Paradise

  1. if you have an iphone you need a macbook and sync them, it is fantastic


  2. We kinda loose track of time here……I just looked at the camera, you mean Christmas will be over by next Friday? Where did the month go?


  3. Oops I menat calender!!


  4. Hmmm it is obvious I haven’t had my coffee yet!


    • Me neither, I didn’t catch the ‘camera’ issue until I read your next comment. As far as being snowed in, it’s been top of mind for us too! We may have to figure out something else as far as scheduling next year.


  5. Ooooh, I love Macbook Pro… but I hear Apple is getting snobbier… Norma


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