Strange day

So where else can you shovel 4 inches of snow off the driveway, and then wash you car on the same driveway a few hours later.
We even managed to get the trailer moved out of it’s storage place before the snow plow crews completely blocked it in with piles of snow. I’ve given them permission to them to use the space for snow storage as they’re quickly running out of room at the end of the cul-de-sac. I do think it’s time to head south, soon!


5 responses to “Strange day

  1. I was worried about you getting snowed in!!


  2. I think it is time for us to sing… rain, rain, come again… It’s snowing like crazy here…


  3. We agree! It is time to head south….and the 29th is our departure date. I will pull the 5th wheel forward tomorrow and we’ll start packing and testing all systems.

    Good luck with your trip to Metro Vancouver. The roads should be clear.

    Perhaps we’ll see on the road.


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