Really, I’m not complaining, but it’s COLD.

Yesterday morning Sylvia decided to join me and go on the scheduled hike to Butcher Jones trail. This hike was a fairly short in and out trail along and above Saguaro Lake. Last winter we took a boat ride around this lake with our friends the Drivers, and you can read about that trip here. Seeing the north side of the lake from the trail was just as nice as being on the water.


The differences in the sky colour are probably due to some of the pictures being taken by Sylvia using her Canon, and some by me with my smartphone. Whatever the outcome, the sky was spectacular as usual, and we had a great time.


The total hike took about 3 hours, but as the return trip was along the same route, it hardly took an hour to return from our furthest point.


When we reached the end of the trail we ran into another group of hikers, and when you added their 25 or so to the 37 that were with us, it made for a crowded stopping point. The last picture is one Sylvia took of the lake with the 4 Peaks in the background.


Last night’s sunset was pretty spectacular, but not quite as nice as those down near Mazatlan. Check out the great pictures here taken by a fellow blogger from the Kelowna area who’s planted at Stone Island in Mexico for the winter. She’s been inviting us down to Mexico to experience some warmth, and on a day like today it’s rather tempting. This morning started out cold, and didn’t get much warmer all day.

I went down to the morning softball pickup game at 10:00 today. Last week in balmier temperatures we had about 30 fellas out to practice, and today at 35° we had a grand total of 7 of us. Needless to say, the practice time didn’t last long, and we all decided that 2:00 this afternoon sounded like a much better idea. While it was a bit warmer then, I still don’t think that 46° is really baseball weather. It’s sure not shorts weather, although I did wear short sleeves which made me the only one on the field who did so. While I was at the ballpark I heard that there was trouble with broken water pipes at 6 sites last night, and with the temps supposed to be heading to 25° tonight there might be more.

We’re hunkered down for the night with 2 heaters on full blast keeping us comfortable. It’ll be nicer when it warms up though. Not that I’m complaining Winking smile


5 responses to “Really, I’m not complaining, but it’s COLD.

  1. 25*… 46*…. I wish it was that here. That’s a very hot sunny day…. hahaha I know you are talking Fahrenheit… but for us northerners you really ought to specify :^)
    Have fun, Norma


  2. 25* is about -3 and that is what we got here maybe -5 during the night in Abbotsford. During the day we had 0* today but very sunny and no wind so I went for a nice walk. Sure nice to come in to a warm home though. Very cosy and comfy.


  3. Sending you up some warmth 😉 Meanwhile keep those heaters going and your sweater on.


  4. David Charles Smith

    It is cold here too, not as bad as you, plus I have the cold/flu. Am looking for the train that ran me over.


  5. Come to Meh-hee-co amigo! I have a margarita waiting for you and the ice won’t last forever (at least not in the 87 degree heat here in Cuernavaca! There is a shortage of ice here, maybe you could bring a length of that water pipe.


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