Ice skating anyone

We woke up this morning to frozen water pipes again, but at least it wasn’t broken this time. Last night I covered everything with a plastic wheel cover and disconnected the hose so it wouldn’t burst, but both the standpipe and the hose were popsicles this morning. I’ve kept some of the ice to send to my buddy Croft as he’s been running out of ice for his margarita’s down in Meh Hee Ko.
We were supposed to play a ball game this morning at 8:30, but the park’s automatic sprinklers were on last night so the field was covered with ice this morning. Playing ball in hockey skates isn’t accepted here in the warm southern states, but I’ve approached our manager with Contessa’s suggestion that we move the ball games to Mazatlan. It works for me, but Tom doesn’t think he could move his park-model unit down there.
We moved the games to the afternoon, and while it wasn’t freezing, it wasn’t exactly warm either. We won both games, although I think the other team just wanted to get it over with, as it was getting dark by the time we finished up.
Nothing’s on the agenda for tomorrow, though we might go find a heated mall somewhere.
Stay warm wherever you are.


3 responses to “Ice skating anyone

  1. To bad this is happening to you…especially you Rod. you couldn’t wait to get to where it was warm and sunny…now it seems you are no better off than we are here, or maybe worse since at least our pipes don’t freeze.


  2. Good for you to still keep playing. But really I think they can shut off the sprinklers for a bit.


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