No more complaining about the weather

Other than it’s still a touch cool in the mornings (it’s been warmer in Calgary than here at 7:00) we’ve had great afternoon temps the last few days. It’s finally reached into the mid 70’s during the day, and the evenings are now quite comfortable. After all the cool nights where we had the heater on and it was still in the mid 40’s in the trailer when we woke up, it was a nice treat to wake up to 66 degrees inside this morning.

We were up early to head out on another hike with the club this morning. This time the group of about 40 was split into two groups, so some of the more adventurous could tackle a 9.5 mile hike, and the rest of us were  content with a 5.8 mile trek. We went to an area that Sylvia and I have hiked from in the past called the Peralta Trailhead. From there you could travel several different routes and see an abandoned mine, a rock formation called Miner’s Needle, or a brutal route called Cardiac Climb. That last route was the one that Sylvia and I took a couple of years ago when we didn’t really know where we were going, and paid for it dearly as we didn’t have enough food or water with us that time. Today’s jaunt was to Miners Needle, and was much gentler and quite easy to take.


The trailhead is about 20 minutes off the highway and is at the base of the Superstition Mountains. One of the more challenging hikes the club has planned involves climbing along the ridge line of these mountains for 13 miles or so. We’ll see if I’m up to that kind of a hike in a few weeks.


This is looking back towards the highway and in the far distance is the San Tans, and other areas south of Phoenix.


Yes, Sylvia did come along, and she’s being followed by Linda who, along with her husband Keith (he’s probably the other shadow next to mine) are from Vancouver Island.



The scenery was spectacular as always, and whoever said the desert was brown and featureless never looked at it from anywhere other than through a windshield.


This is Bob who led our hike, and here he’s showing us a year round spring that pops up out of the ground and then disappears again quite quickly only to appear further on down the hill. There was quite a bit of water flowing into the pool, and within a couple of feet, the ground is again quite dry and compacted. Hard to believe that we were walking on a stream.


Most of the Saguaro cacti were very healthy looking, but this poor fella looked like he was put together by a 3 year old.


We met several other groups of hikers including a few who were geared up for overnight stays in the desert, as well as this group on horseback. I was surprised to see how thick the coats were on the horses, but I guess it’s still winter down here. At this point the group was only a mile or so into the trek, and the horses were already sweating quite a bit.


The hiking stick that I’m holding isn’t mine (I don’t need a cane yet!) but we picked it up along the trail as one of the guys from the other group forgot it at a resting area. We had a great time, and plan on hiking with the club at least once a week while we’re here. Our new pickle ball paddles should have arrive today, and so we’ll be giving them their initial beating this weekend.

We hope all is well with you, and we’re really getting into the swing of things down here.


9 responses to “No more complaining about the weather

  1. You do look very happy with the improved weather. By the blue sky and your shadowes it must be sunny. But by Sylvia’s outfit (gloves?) it can’t be to warm yet. Glad your having fun. Love Mom


  2. That was one great hike.

    It is nice to have the warm weather back, isn’t it?


  3. Lots of energy you both have.


  4. Going by the last pic, you look like a couple of veteran explorers! Looks like you’re having lots of fun. I’m glad it’s finally warmed up for you. It can’t be any fun waking up as a human Popsicle… and no more pipe bursts!


  5. I agree, the desert is a wonderful place with such an incredible variety of flora and fauna. Caleb loves the desert. As does Dave, but for different reasons. I’m glad that you both have warmed up and are having fun. I have to admit that this winter, I too have been having thoughts of a warmer world. Just where is that global warming…. xoxo Norma


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