A great Weekend

Saturday started out with a couple of hours of ball practice followed by lunch and another hour of practice (do you think that maybe the coach believes we need all the help we can getSmile). The game scheduled for Monday morning is for local bragging rights, as we’re playing the team from the RV park next door, and several people know each other between the two teams. I think there may be a bit of good natured trash talking taking place today. The game is scheduled for 10:00, and should be substantially more comfortable than the arctic-like conditions that we played in last week.

The weather over the weekend was just about ideal, mid 70’s in the afternoon and evening, and low 40’s overnight. It makes it comfortable to sleep, and not too warm during the day. It’s supposed to be like that for the next week or so, and we’re quite happy to see the good weather return.

For those of you who’ve seen me behind a sound board at church over the years, it might not surprise you to know that I’m running the sound for the worship service here in the park. They talked to me about it last year, and the worship committee is already trying to get us to come back early next year, as the resident sound guy who I’m relieving (he works for the park, and does sound for all the required events in the ballroom) has decided to head to Florida next year. I think October 1st is too early for Arizona don’t you?

Our new pickle ball paddles arrived on Friday, and we got around to using them for the first time on Sunday afternoon. We ended up banging some balls around with another couple from the hiking club, and had a great time. Whether the new gear makes us better players or not is up for debate, but at least we didn’t have well used equipment to blame for our poor shots. As you can see with my highly paid spokes-model, the paddles are similar to ping-pong paddles, and the ball is a wiffle ball, slightly larger than a baseball. We even managed to get some time to just relax on Sunday, and got in some reading and snoozing time on our patio, although we did go for a walk first. Remember, ‘If you Rest, You Rust’.


We picked up our sign from the Mesa Market last week, and while I had to refinish it to give it an even coat of varnish, the craftsmanship is pretty good. We picked a quail for the sign since we have them in our yard at home as well as in this area, although we haven’t seen any this year yet.


There was another great sunset last night, and while they’re not as pretty as ocean sunsets, they’re still pretty nice.


Anyway, I’m off to softball, and Sylvia’s gone to the coffee and doughnuts they provide every Monday morning, followed by her massage appointment. So what do you think the chances are that she’s going to have a doughnut?


2 responses to “A great Weekend

  1. Coffee and a doughnut… can I come???
    I love your sign, that is really cute. xoxo Norma


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