A Full Friday

We  set the alarm (something we really have tried hard not to do often since we retired) and set off early this morning on another hike with the club. This morning our destination was Usury Park just north of Mesa for a hike up to Wind Cave, which was about 3.2 miles long with a 800 foot elevation gain. It was nice to have a shorter hike, as several of us were still feeling some of the effects from the Flatiron trek, and we needed an easier day. It was a fairly well marked and smooth surfaced path, and as it is pretty close to town, it’s quite busy. In fact while we were on the trail 3 school buses arrived and we had to dodge 110  kids climbing up the path as we were coming down.

Our destination was the dark spot just above the X in this photo. The skies were somewhat overcast, but the temperatures were comfortable for hiking.


The hill on the other side of Usury Pass contain one of the many lettered markers that are quite common in Arizona. This is the only one we’ve seen that has a complete city name written out. Usually the first letter of the local town is laid out as a marker. The flat area below ‘Phoenix’ is a shooting range, and we heard a fair number of gunshots during our hike.


The view from the top was pretty hazy (smoggy) towards Phoenix itself. (My truck is somewhere down there on the flatlands)


But it was somewhat clearer towards the south and the San Tan mountains.


Inside the cave it was pretty interesting, although there was a colony of bees who had made their home there. In fact there were dozens of them milling around just behind Sylvia, but they didn’t bother us at all.


(She looks cute in her hat if you ask me)

We were back in the park before 11:30, and took it easy for the rest of the early afternoon (yes, that means we had a nap). Then it was time to head out to a Bellamy Bros. concert in the complex next door to ours. I know my kids won’t have a clue who they are, but some of you might remember ‘Let your Love Flow’, and ‘Redneck Girl’. They put on a pretty good show, and it was actually nice to hear music from the 70’s here instead of the usual 50’s and 60’s music we are treated to.

All in all it was another great day, and although this trip to Arizona is quite different from previous visits, we’re still having a great time.

The weekend is supposed to be a little bit wet, so we might not get in any softball or Pickleball, but I’m sure we’ll be able to keep ourselves entertained.


One response to “A Full Friday

  1. It sounds like you had another great hiking day, except for dodging 110 kids… at least you were able to dodge them. I like Sylvia’s hat, she is very sweet indeed. I have a hat very similar… I’m partial to hats :^) xo Norma


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