There we go being busy again.

After the busy week we had hiking and meeting new blog friends last week we didn’t have much on our social calendar over the weekend and were anticipating a few days of relaxing around the park. We should have known better, as this year we’ve found that our time is pretty well booked each and every day, not that we’re complaining in the least.

Saturday there was a pickup ball game scheduled for the morning. I was happy to go for a while as we’ve not had a chance to play ball for almost 2 weeks due to the rainfall last weekend. As there was a pot luck luncheon scheduled for later on, specifically for members of the three men’s and one lady’s ball teams in the park, we didn’t have many players out for the game, but we really enjoyed the warmer weather and sunshine.

At noon the patio next to the ball park was taken over by 72 ball players and their spouses for the annual softball BBQ-pot luck.  Tom and Jim, from our ball team showed off their BBQ expertise and did a GREAT job…many thanks to them for their hard work.


The event began at noon, and by 2:00 most of the people had left the patio with the exception of all the members of our team. Most of us stuck around for the rest of the afternoon swapping lies and laughing at bad jokes. When I walked back to our RV later, someone in the park asked me why we were there so long when everyone else left. I replied it was because our team is the only one with a serious drinking problem. Seriously though, the group on our team is a great bunch of folks, and we seem to really enjoy each other’s company.

That afternoon we got a call from my parent’s friends in Mesa to come over for a visit on Sunday. Their daughter Charlene along with her husband, daughter and her daughter’s two children were coming in for a visit. Charlene is only a few years younger than me, but I don’t think I’d seen her since we were about 9 and 12 years old. It was great to see her and meet Steve (her husband) and Heather (her daughter) and the grandkids. It even gave us a chance to get in a much needed ‘Grandparent Fix’ as we got quite a bit of time in playing with Mackenzie (2) and Benny (5 mths).


Neil and May met my parents in Edmonton before they were married and they still call Edmonton home. They have been coming to Mesa for almost 30 years, and have a beautiful home on a golf course in Mesa.


Steve, Mackenzie, Bennett, Charlene and Heather were great fun to be around, and it was nice to talk with Charlene about her family and how things have been in the last 45 years or so.


It managed to rain (again) while we were visiting Mesa, and we got a nice set of rainbows to compensate us for having to sit inside out of the rain.


Sylvia did enjoy her chance at holding a little one again, and we can’t wait until we see our own grandkids hopefully later in the spring.

Monday brought about another early morning to play ball, and while we only won one of the two games we did have a good time, and spent time chewing the fat with the other team after the game. It turns out that none of the other guys were under 70 years old, and a few were pushing 80. These guys are my heroes. If they can get themselves off the chair and run around a field chasing a ball then surely I can do the same for another few years at least. We followed that up with a couple of hours of Pickleball playing against 3 other couples. It was fun, and we’re enjoying playing against various opponents.

In the evening we managed to get a Skype call arranged with our youngest son Jason, and it was great to see and talk with him. He’s an avid guitar player and showed us a couple of the new guitars he’s purchased including a Les Paul Custom. I can’t play any instrument, but it’s sure fun to watch him enjoy it so much. He later sent us a link to a performance by Joe Bonamassa that he likes, and I can see why. I actually introduced Joe B to Jason some months ago, but it took him a while to check him out.

Tuesday morning we headed out to do some errands before heading to the Pickleball courts. We were there by ourselves for a bit, but ended up mixing in with two other couples from the previous day, and one set of new players. We’re by no means very good at the game yet, but we’re really enjoying it.

After the game we were hailed by the coach of my ball team who said he had a present for Sylvia. He lives in a Park Model here and has a decent collection of wood working tools in his shed. In his spare time he creates small wooden items and presented Sylvia with a maple leaf made out of Black Walnut. It’s really delicate and pretty, and we’ll treasure it.


We ended up chatting with Tom and Mary for an hour or so before another member of the ball team came by and asked for a hand moving a BBQ back to his site . After the huffing and puffing was done we sat and chatted for a while longer before heading over to Jim and Cheryl’s site to watch the sunset over the desert. As we left the trailer at 1:30 intending to play ball I didn’t have a camera with us unfortunately. We also were wearing our sunglasses, and as it got darker and darker it must have gotten comical watching Sylvia and I lift and lower our sunglasses as we tried to see or read things. We ended up chatting away until well after 7:00 and walking home in the dark. By then we were too tired to think of much for dinner and ended up munching on Taco Chips and Ice Cream. Not our typical evening meal. Maybe we’ll make up for it today by having a burger or something. (for those of you who don’t know us that well, I live with a Food Nazi – anything short of a pound of vegetables or fruit at every meal is usually unacceptable – and as far as burgers and fries, forget about it)

On Wednesday we’re off to a hike in the San Tan Mountain Park followed by a trip to Gilbert in the evening to watch a play (romantic comedy) called ‘The Hit”’. Should be another full and fun day.


2 responses to “There we go being busy again.

  1. Are you serious??? Sylvia had chips and ice cream for a supper. Look out Rod she will want to make up time for that one over the next few days. :^) xoxo Norma


  2. P.S. That carved flag is beautiful. What a treasure. Norma


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