Canada Day, eh.

Today was the date of the annual Canadian Potluck dinner here in the park. The Activities Director here plans several area specific potluck dinners which include events for various groups of states (Mid Western, West Coast, Central etc.) and one dinner specifically for all the Canucks here in the park. Tonight’s dinner was attended by close to 200 fellow Canadians, and most of us showed up wearing Red and White. The hall was decorated to match, and I think they plan this event so close to Valentines Day so they don’t have to change many of the decorations.


They sold 50/50 tickets at the event to support the local Food Bank, and as usual we were able to donate our entire purchase to the cause. It’s a good thing we don’t buy lottery tickets on a regular basis or we’d never be able to afford to travel.


There was lots of food available including some distinctly Canadian dishes like Nanaimo Bars (our friend Linda made a batch). Unfortunately for the second year in a row Sylvia and I were seated at the table which was picked last to line up for food. (Refer to the previous comments about our ability to win at lotteries, and you’ll see that being last for food is nothing that should surprise anyone) This meant that dishes like Sonya’s perogies or Linda’s Nanaimo Bars were in short supply by the time we got to the trough.



And here’s the prettiest Canuck of the bunch. We were dressed in matching outfits, but there’s no way I can compete with her good looks, is there…so I might as well not try. Besides, her shirt was bought at The Bay, and Made in Canada, while mine was a typical Marks Work Wearhouse product, Made in China.



6 responses to “Canada Day, eh.

  1. It’s good that you two “Canucks” go hiking quite a bit because all that homemade food sure looks good (never mind the yummy desserts!)


  2. Matching outfits???? I want to see the picture of Rod in that same skirt!!!! Eh?


  3. It sure looks like a well attended event. Nice touch for the park to host such an event. Perhaps we’ll attend next year? No perogies or Nanaimo bars? Scandalous, say I!

    Nice touch with the red and white too….and I sense a whole whack of fun was had too.


  4. That must have been a fun party. Nanaimo bars are the best.


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