So sad, but the good byes are starting already

This afternoon was the last day in the park for two couples from Vancouver Island that we’ve gotten to know here this year. For both Jim and Bev, and Keith and Linda it was their first time here at Canyon Vistas, but all things going well they’ll both be back here next year for even longer stays.

After the weekly Happy Hour in the park’s ballroom we proceeded to head to Keith and Linda’s site for an extended good-bye with them and their neighbours. They are located right next to a couple of guys I play ball with, so it made for an easy social time and great gab session. As it was both of these couples first time here we were able to tell them that things just get easier and more fun by the time you show up for your second year. The friendships you start one year are very easy to carry on by year two. You don’t have to try and figure out what to do with yourself and just enter into the activities we all enjoy.

As I said, it was a great time, and while we’ll miss these couples we’ve already made plans to meet up with Keith and Linda down near Tucson next week and go hiking with them at their next stop. That should be fun.



And in case you’re wondering, it was a very nice 70 F/ 21C day today. It does get cool after the sun goes down though, as you can see by the blankets sported by the ladies who didn’t wear long pants.


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