I think WE can handle it

Between email, Facebook and blog comments I keep getting snide remarks about how nice the weather is back in BC.

While I have to admit that the weather this winter in Gold Canyon hasn’t been ideal, I still have a very distinct tan. Somehow I don’t think any of you making comments do.

There are many, many more sunny days here than rainy ones.

Even if 15C to 20C isn’t exactly tropical, it is easier to take than 5C or less, as it’s been most of the winter in the Lower Mainland and Island.

I don’t think that I’d be cutting any lawn in Kelowna right now. And anyway, I’m down here where they hire people to do that for you.

It’s going to be 14C and sunny tomorrow morning and I’m going to be playing softball. Will you?

Oh, and here’s a comparison look at the upcoming weather conditions here, and at home, just in case you want to come join us.

Fullscreen capture 08032013 80337 PM.bmp

Ok, now I feel better.

Those of you who are commenting from Mexico and Yuma now have my permission to slam me with how much nicer it’s been there than here. I have to admit to just a little bit of jealousy for your conditions this winter.

I really hope you all know that I have my tongue firmly in my cheek…most of the time. Winking smile


13 responses to “I think WE can handle it

  1. Jerry mowed the lawn this afternoon 🙂
    After we got back from the walk on the Spit.


  2. Sorry. I couldn’t resist. We do have to bring the seed trays in from the greenhouse overnight. Still a bit cool to leave them out. Sure can’t complain about the weather this winter. Sounds like you are both having a great time. Your pictures are lovely, and much appreciated. Thanks.


  3. Your Weather Network charts – comparing the weather at home to here in the US southwest – clearly tell the story about our reasons for wintering down here. It is going to heat up in a day or two. Yea to that!


  4. I must confess to a certain feeling of weather superiority from our vantage point down here in Old Mexico this winter. You all in the USA have had it a little cool this winter with a little “stuff” falling from the sky, not always liquid. Down here we dis actually have one or two days when I had to find heavier shorts but I did not have to get into the “Jacket Bag” even once. We had a little rain on two days, (all winter) but rain in the Tropics is accompanied by 30C temperatures so it is not all that bad.

    We are in Veracruz and heading north on Monday. Weather reports show we are heading into cloud so we might get a free RV wash out of it. Temperatures will remain warmish. We will exit Mexico near the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and will spend a week or so filling up on Gulf seafood before the trek back to the Island.

    Weather wise, it has been an outstanding year down here. With the new rules in BC that allow you seven months away conflicting with the USA’s six month rule, you will now have the opportunity to start ducking into Mexico. While us elitist part time Mexicans do not feel Puerto Penasco is “really” Mexico, it is still very nice, is only about a five hour drive from you and would give you a taste of the “real” south while remaining in the paperwork free part of Mexico where tourist visas are not required. All you need is vehicle insurance, and as long as you stay a month, ICBC will happily give you a refund.


    • Your weather superiority is well deserved this year. I know that the Phoenix area is going to be cooler than you might find in Yuma or Mexico, but this year has been extra special according to those who’ve spent years here. I read your post about the windstorm you faced this week, and that’s about all the adversity you’ve faced from what I recall. Not a bad way to spend a winter is it.
      We really can’t complain much here; and although it can always be warmer, we’ll have to be careful what we wish for this coming week.
      I don’t know that we’ll ever spend more than 3 or 4 months away from home, so the 7 month allowance probably won’t affect us much. By the time we get home this year we will be about a week short of 4 months including the time we spent visiting family at Christmas. I think that’s about enough for us. Next year though we’re planning on spending some time in a different area for a while, but then planting ourselves in Gold Canyon for at least 10 weeks. It’s just too much fun here!
      Have a safe trip home.


      • I can’t believe how busy you guys are! Too much for me, but then I am WAY older!


      • Yes, you are 😉 BUT, there’s lots of folks here older than you who can beat us at pickleball any day of the week, and then go climb a mountain. Mind you there’s lots of folks here who just live for Happy Hour too!


  5. Why, Rod, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you go on a rant before…. hahaha, just in case you are wondering… I think the folks that are making comments from up here are just plain jealous, and want to be in Arizona themselves. Norma


  6. HI. we are in Yuma. Drove all night Friday!! Crazy but !


  7. I agree with Norma, all those folks ‘up’ there are just wishing they were south of that border!


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