8 O’clock at night and 81 Degrees



And believe it or not it feels cool compared to the afternoon. Sylvia and I went for a walk this afternoon, and when we stopped at a friends Park Model they told us we were crazy to be out walking when it was 90F. By the  time we got back to the trailer we were pretty parched. We even had to turn on the air-conditioning in the trailer for only the fourth time. Mind you I do like the heat more than Sylvia does so I’m a bit stingy on the thermostat settings.

The heat of the day turned into a very pleasant evening though, and when we went for our evening walk it was very comfortable and we met lots of people out enjoying the evening. We also ended up with a gorgeous sunset to top off the day just right.


We couldn’t ask for a better way to end Easter Sunday.


6 responses to “8 O’clock at night and 81 Degrees

  1. We too had a beautiful Easter Sunday sunny all day 20* + in Abbotsford with a very light breeeze. We had one nice week now so our trees and flowers are starting to bloom everywhere now.


  2. We faced incredibly taxing winds here in Desert Hot Springs. Although hot, the winds battered us all night long.


  3. 7:35 PM and 85F here in Laredo, TX. Thunderstorm threatening. We have mixed feelings about being out of Mexico. I miss the friendly people already. Better bread though!


  4. At least the StarChoice is up and working before the storm hits.


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