We’re home!

We got away early this morning, as it was easy to get up early when the yahoo next to us started up his truck at about 5:15 AM. He also had a very annoying chihuahua that wouldn’t keep quiet. Have I mentioned that I like dogs, but I do believe that you should be able kick field goals with certain annoying mutts, or at the very least with their annoying owners.
Leaving early allowed us to make it all the way home before 4:30 where we were greeted by a thankfully short rain shower. The house and yard look great, and we had time to get most of our stuff out of the trailer and into the house.
So, after 4 relatively easy travel days we’re home, and happy to be here. Now we just have to figure out where to properly place all our stuff in our kitchen. We had it all planned out last fall but didn’t live here long enough to remember the best arrangement. Oh well, it’ll be like moving in all over again.
We took some pics today, but I’ll get around to posting them tomorrow. Right now I think we need a nap.


2 responses to “We’re home!

  1. welcome back to B.C.!!


  2. I agree with Jan, welcome home… Praise be to God that you are safe and sound. God is good. love, norma


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