Ok, I’ll stop complaining about the weather now.

It’s not coastal BC weather here, as I don’t need to cut the lawn yet, but it’s fairly sunny and decently warm during the day (no,it’s not low 30’sC or high 80’sF like Arizona, but I’m not wearing a parka either).
Contrast that with an email we received from Bruce & Sonja today. They left Gold Canyon 3 or 4 days after we did heading home to Regina. As of this afternoon they have been holed up in Sterling, Wyoming for 2 days waiting for a break in the ice and wind and snow so they can head the rest of the way home. They’re not really looking forward to what they will face at home either, as they had to arrange for 3 feet of snow to be shovelled off their roof a couple of weeks ago.
Last year at this time the farmers were ready to get into their fields by now. It’s been a nasty winter everywhere this year.
All you who are reading this from the Sunny South might just want to stay there for a while longer if possible.


4 responses to “Ok, I’ll stop complaining about the weather now.

  1. Rod, complaining about the weather is not going to change it anywhere. We just have to accept it the way it comes. This part of BC really had a pretty good winter compared to other parts of the Country.


  2. Connie Brougham

    We had a beautiful, but cool, sunny day here in C.River today!


  3. Well at least where you are up there you don’t have to worry about flooding.

    Wasn’t it 21C last week in Kelowna?


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