Yep, we’ve been busy

So we’ve been home for about a week and a half, and while I can’t say that we’ve had as much fun as our Sun-filled days of hiking, pickleball and happy hours, we’ve had a great time reintroducing ourselves to our house and new home town. The house was in great shape considering it was closed up for almost 4 months. It wasn’t very dusty, and the windows are substantially cleaner than what we found when we returned home to Campbell River after the winter. I guess it has to do with nobody in the neighbourhood burning wood for heat, and being several hundred km away from the ocean as opposed to several hundred metres like we were when we lived at the coast. It’s amazing how much salt an ocean storm can spread and how far from the water you will see it’s effects.

The weather here has been fairly decent compared to what our kids have had to deal with on the prairies, and most evenings have been calm and sunny, though not overly warm. We’ve managed to get in a couple of walks around the area, and walked down the ravine behind our home one day. There’s flowers growing up the sides of the ravine, and we’ve seen numbers of people hiking there during the day.


This is the view back up the ravine towards our house. Our vantage point gives us a good view of the creek and hopefully we’ll be able to watch the bears climb up to steal fruit from our trees.


Over the past 6 days we’ve managed to get the fruit trees pruned, the entire yard cleaned up and all the flower beds tilled and weeded. I really thought it would take us longer than that, but with both of us working at it things went pretty quickly. Now we just have to wait for the weather to warm up a bit, as it’s still freezing overnight, before we pick up some flowers and plant some veggies. We’ve given quite a bit of thought to how to simplify things in the garden, and I think we’re going to be purchasing some landscaping fabric and quite a bit of decorator gravel this spring. It’s been interesting to see how little work some of our neighbours have to do on their yards when they have this type of landscaping done. Personally I’d sooner be out hiking or riding my motorcycle than weeding if I get a choice.

We were ‘entertained’ yesterday by a Cooper hawk having breakfast on our back lawn. Over the course of about 45 minutes it made short work of a quail and left quite a mess of feathers for me to clean up. I didn’t want to go outside and disturb it so all the pictures are through the windows and the glass patio panels. That was about as close as we wanted to get to the carnage anyway.



When he was finished there was nothing left but feathers.

Putting a video up on the blog is a new experience for me, but you should be able to watch a few seconds of the activity here. I know I’ll never win an Oscar for this, but it’s not a bad first effort, is it?

This morning we had a visit from Sylvia’s cousin Anne and her husband John from Fort St. James. Their daughter lives in Kelowna, and we hope to see more of them in the future. They had a nice day for a visit.


This weekend Sylvia’s Dad is coming up for a visit, and her Mom is coming for a few days next week. I guess it’s true what they say, ‘People really want to come to the Okanagan’. We’re ready and waiting.


3 responses to “Yep, we’ve been busy

  1. Beautiful house and setting!


  2. That hawk made good of cleaning up his/her lunch. If it keeps it up, you’ll have enough feathers for a pillow.

    Yard work? Oh yes….that comes with home ownership. How quickly we forget when RVing.


  3. I remember a time when Caleb was wee little. We were on Ridge at the time. He saw a tiny pine sisken that was sort of shaken up and not doing very well. He picked it up and nursed it back to health. Gentle put it up on a fir branch. No sooner had he stepped back about 4 feet when a coopers hawk swooped in, grabbed the little bird, impaled it onto a sharp broken limb and proceeded to eat it for lunch, while Caleb stood there dumbfounded. He was amazed, but said… natures like that…


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