We’re maintaining our Tan lines

The weather here in the Okanagan has been spectacular for several days now. Daytime temps have been touching the low 30’s C or about 85 F which is not quite a record but not far off the all time high temperatures for this time of year. We’ve even turned on the air conditioning today, which is a novelty for us as we’ve never had a home with AC before. Mind you, with living on the Coast for so many years we never really needed AC did we?
As we’ve finished much of the heavy lifting involved in the yard-work, we’ve been able to get out and do some of the other necessary things we have on our agenda. Unfortunately that means shopping.
We are still looking for some patio furniture for our deck, and spent last weekend running around to various outdoor furniture stores to see what was available. Most of the patio furniture collections we saw were far too large for the space we have, with correspondingly large prices to match. It seems that the homes being built today must have massive patios and decks to fit the extra wide, and extra deep wicker chairs the stores are trying to peddle these days. After visiting several specialty furniture stores as well as a number of chain stores we finally decided on a set we found at Sears. We’ve found that we’ve bought much of our new furniture at Sears which is surprising to us, as we’ve never bought anything major at Sears before other than appliances. For some reason they seem to have what we want and need for our new home.
Not all our free time has been spent in stores though. We’ve managed to get out to play Pickleball twice this week, and have plans to play again Tomorrow. The local Community Center has 3 courts, although there aren’t a lot of players showing up yet. On Tuesday there were only 7 of us there, although the coordinator says that things will pick up as the season progresses.
Next week we hope to get out and do some serious hiking, as all we’ve done since we got home is take some walks around the neighbourhood. It’s nice to be thinking about having some outdoor activities to enjoy.


2 responses to “We’re maintaining our Tan lines

  1. Sounds like you are settling into your new lifestyle.


  2. The weather in BC is far better than in central California. It was cloudy and cool during our entire ride today. No rain….but windy and cool!

    The ride is going great though. I like the Electra Glide ride. This bike corners better than my Nomad. It is powerful, comfortable and has every conceivable bell and whistle imaginable. The low centre of gravity is a clear winner – similar to my Nomad. I just favour true cruiser style bikes.

    We rode for 12 hours today. That says something!


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