It’s been an interesting week in the news.

Since I last sat down to write a post we’ve seen the end of the hockey season for our local Vancouver Canucks who bowed out quickly from the playoffs for the second consecutive year. It’s amazing how hopeful one can be at the beginning of a season for the teams you root for, and then it’s over so quickly. Oh well, at least I won’t be stuck in front of the TV every night for another 6 weeks watching them. I shouldn’t be so quick to say it’s over for me though, as I’ve had the TV tuned into a game for at least some part of  every evening this week as the rest of the league continues with the playoffs. In my defence, I’m not glued to the TV all night. I am willing to surrender the remote to Sylvia whenever she wishes, except when she wants to watch Dancing with the Stars, then I’ll head downstairs and watch all the hockey I want.

A few days after the Canucks got bounced, the Toronto Maple Leafs also saw their season end. Unlike the Canucks it looked like they played their hearts out, and got beaten out in overtime in the last game of their series. They were leading by 3 goals with just over 10 minutes left in the game, but collapsed and let the Boston Bruins come through with the win. They can’t be happy with the outcome after coming so close to winning, but like the Canucks, ‘there’s always next year’. Toronto has been saying that since 1967, and the Canucks since  they entered the league in 1971 as neither team has won the Stanley Cup in the era that I’ve been an adult. The Canucks have been to 3 final series though, while Toronto hasn’t made it to the final since last winning it 46 years ago.

Shortly after the hockey was over for the season in BC our attention turned to the second most entertaining blood sport in the Province, politics. May 14th was the date of the Provincial Election which determined which political party was going to run things here in BC for the next 4 years. Unlike the US system we vote only on local candidates and whichever party wins the most electoral districts they form the government. For a few years all the polls have indicated that there would be a change of government, and that the Liberal Party (which isn’t really very liberal) which has been in power for 12 years would be turfed out on it’s ear. All through the election campaign we heard how far ahead the NDP party was in the polls, and the only two people I heard consistently mention that there was any hope at all for the Liberal party were it’s leader and Sylvia. Lo and Behold the polls were dead wrong, and the Liberals were returned with an even greater majority than they had before the election. The NDP party members look rather shell shocked by the outcome, and a few of the fellas I used to work with are Officially Depressed. I’ve spent the last couple of days poking around various blogs and news sites reading about how this couldn’t have happened, but did. It’s been interesting, and it’s too bad the election season doesn’t extend as long as the hockey season as I’ve found it much more interesting TV viewing.

We’ve managed to get out and play Pickleball 5 times in the last 2 weeks, and that’s been a lot of fun, but there aren’t really that many players here in West Kelowna. A few of the people we’ve played against have encouraged us to head into Kelowna some morning and play with the group over there, as they regularly have 60 or more players in the morning.

We haven’t had many long walks, and certainly no hikes since we arrived back from Arizona, but we did manage to head out for an hour the other day to see where a path would take us. As soon as we left our subdivision we found ourselves on a long inclined path heading down towards the lake, and ran out of time before we could come to the end of it. We did find that it had a few side trails, and ended up taking one that brought us up above our community, and through quite a few large Wild Rose bushes.


We picked up a Hummingbird feeder last week, and while it took a few days for the little fellas to find the feeder, now we can hardly look out the window without seeing at least one bird sitting on the feeder or flitting around the area.



We’ve picked up our patio set, and have made good use of it when the weather has been good. We’re still looking for a set of chairs to come on sale and then we’ll remove the loungers, and move our dining table upstairs and have a seating area in the sunshine as well.



The weather’s been pretty nice for the most part, although they keep talking on the local weather forecast about the rainy days we’ve been having. In the last week it’s rained on 4 of the days, and the total accumulation has probably been about 3mm. About 5 minutes after the showers stop, the driveway is bone dry again. I’ve been tracking the humidity levels here since the drier climate is one of the reasons we wanted to move here. While the weather in Campbell River has been pretty nice this spring as well, at any given time, the humidity level there is 20 to 40 percent higher than here. This morning the humidity level on the coast is 98%, so we’re quite happy with what we face here. There is no shortage of pollen in the air though. Our allergies have kicked in, all the new patio furniture is covered in a yellow dusting of pollen, and our white RV is starting to look a bit yellow.  Sylvia was just aghast at all the pollen on the new furniture so she feverously started cleaning everything up.

The flowers are starting to show up nicely, and I’ve pulled all the crocus’ and tulips out of the gardens so we can have a spot where they’re all together next year, instead of growing up through various  other plants. One of the peonies is just starting to show it’s colours, and I might just have to pick up some more, as they seem to grow really well here.


I’ve discovered that some really interesting spiders grow here in the Okanagan. I was surprised by a pure white one yesterday that looked very much like a small west coast crab (it surprised me, so it unfortunately died before I could think to take a picture). Then there’s this fella who’s munching on his 3rd bee that he’s caught in less than a week. He sure knows where to set up shop, and he’s so pale and pretty that he blends into the flower and doesn’t send up any warnings to the unsuspecting bees. I may have to remove him before he or she destroys the local bee population.


That’s about it for the past week, although we’ve picked up 4 yards of mulch in the truck and have been spreading it on the flower beds to see if we can keep the weeds at bay. I think I’ll be taking a couple more trips to the nursery to pick up mulch though, as we have lots of ground to cover. Next week we’re off to Calgary for a short visit to see our kids and Grandkids. Bryan won’t be there unfortunately as he was called back to work early, but as it’s our oldest grandkidlet’s 7th birthday next week, we wouldn’t want to miss it and we’re sure to have a great time.


6 responses to “It’s been an interesting week in the news.

  1. The furniture and flowers look great.


  2. Connie Brougham

    That wild rose bush looks more like a tree than a bush! The wild rose bushes are in bloom all along the seawalk in Willow Point right now! Their smell is intoxicating!


  3. A good blog recap of the recent activities our your way. The patio furniture does look nice. I can understand how the pollen dust problem would be annoying.

    Safe trip to Calgary!


  4. I love wild roses, they have a most incredible scent. You sure have a lot of wild life around your area. Your patio looks beautiful and very inviting.
    So pickle ball is in your area, that’s nice, then you won’t get rusty when you get back to Arizona. With all your playing maybe you’ll be able to beat some of those folks in the winter. xo Norma


  5. You live in a very pretty area. No more snow here, thank goodness 🙂


  6. Your place is really coming together. Sure hope your roof is up to all this rain!


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