Gearing up for visitors

We’re expecting a few visitors over the summer, and tomorrow a pleasant surprise will show up on our doorstep as our son Jason escapes Calgary for a few days of sunshine, electricity and running water. For those of you who’ve kept up with the news on the floods in Calgary you may know that the entire downtown core is inundated with water. Jason lives in a condo on the south edge of the downtown core, right near the Elbow River which has flooded several areas of the city. As Jason lives on the 25th floor he doesn’t have to worry about water damage, and until Saturday his building was doing pretty well. He didn’t have any power, but everything was dry, even the several floors of underground parking. That changed Saturday afternoon when water started to seep into the parkade and eventually filled it up. They don’t know where the water was coming from, but several peoples vehicles are now completely submerged, along with everyone’s underground storage units.
Up until the point where the parking area flooded Jason was staying in his condo, and camping out using his BBQ to cook up the food in his freezer before it spoiled. After the parkade flooded everyone was evacuated from the building and he’s been sleeping in his truck at his shop a couple km away from Downtown. We talked to him yesterday and convinced him to come out for a few days if his work load permitted. As the highway between here and Calgary is still blocked by flood debris he’s flying out and will be around until the weekend.
While he’s here Sylvia’s Dad, Wally, and his wife Joan will be arriving for a short visit as well, so things should be busy but fun. We’re looking forward to seeing them, and hopefully we’ll be looking forward to a visit from Jocelyn and our Grandkids in the next few weeks.
They told us that summertime in the Okanagan would mean visitors, and we can’t wait to get started.


3 responses to “Gearing up for visitors

  1. You will have a busy – but fun – Canada Day long weekend. Nice break from flood carnage for Jason.


  2. Have a great weekend with your family. Our son Rylan lives in the same neighborhood as Jason and has been evacuated since Friday. Recovery seems to be moving very slowly as there is just so much damage. Hope the government comes through with some funding for people affected as the insurance companies are covering nothing. Of course! Island weather has been cool and damp for the month of June. Looking forward to some sunnier weather in July. Take care. Linda.


  3. I’m sorry to hear that Jason has been affected by the flooding. My brother’s condo is under water as well. I’m sure that he is not looking forward to going back to Calgary, as he’s not sure what he will find. Keep Jason dry… at least for a while. Norma


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