I may just have to stop complaining about Wasps

The past few weeks we have been harassed by wasps, hornets and yellow jackets out on our deck. About 10 days ago I purchased 3 wasp traps that are supposed to attract the critters to their syrupy contents and then drown them. They have worked like a charm, and when I cleaned and replenished the traps yesterday I must have flushed close to 100 wasps from the 3 traps. We are still getting lots of the pests bothering us when we eat anything on the deck though, and I kept wondering where they were all coming from. Yesterday when I was deadheading the flowers and trimming some Juniper bushes I came to the last bush at the end of the garden, and was startled to see a steady stream of wasps flying into and out of the plant. It seems I’ve found the nest. I gave it a good spray of Raid and we’ll see if things settle down. That situation pales in comparison to the story my neighbour told me this week. One fine morning his wife walked out onto the deck (which is right next to our sideyard) and was greeted by 4 bats hanging from the edge of their roof. I know bats are relatively good things to have around as they eat insects voraciously, but as Blaine put it ‘My wife died just a little bit that morning’. I think I might have too, and I know Sylvia would have. I’ll stop complaining about wasps now.


3 responses to “I may just have to stop complaining about Wasps

  1. It’s irritating when being bugged while sitting outdoors. You hopefully solved the problem now!


  2. Which type of trap did you get? Was it the yellow one?


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