Another great visit


We had a great visit with Bruce and Sonja today. They are from Regina and were in the area for their son’s wedding. We’re so glad they could drop in and see us, as they’ve entertained and sustained us quite often. We know them from our RV Park in Gold Canyon where Bruce and I played softball together among other activities. For those of you who know them, you might be interested in hearing that Sonja is due for a knee replacement on Sept 17th, and Bruce is awaiting a call for an arthroscope of his knee prior to the doctor deciding whether he just need a clean up or a complete replacement himself. The surgeries may delay their trip down to Arizona this winter, but they hope to be there by New Years Day.

And for those of you who insisted, here’s a couple more pictures with the Grandkids.




One response to “Another great visit

  1. Nice banner with the grand-kids and Canadian Flag. To play host to good RV friends is a treat, anytime. Nice looking grand-kids too!!!!


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