More Rainy(?) Days

Several of the days lately have been classified as ‘Rainy’ by the local weather office. I guess they were if you think that 10 minutes of light showers qualifies as rain. In fact, we even had a day where we had 3 showers over the course of the day. Hardly enough to get the lawn wet if you ask me. In fact, I spread some fall fertilizer on the lawn last Sunday, as the weatherman suggested it would be a good day for it as it would get nicely watered in on Monday. He lied, which is not really a bad thing I guess. I ended up turning the irrigation system back on Monday night so that the fertilizer wouldn’t burn the lawn.

I’m still getting my head around the change in weather between here and the Wet West Coast where we used to live. Back in Campbell River, a 30% chance of showers meant we might have a decent day, a 40% chance meant that we were going to get wet, and a 60% chance might as well been 100%, as we were surely going to get soaked.

What’s wrong with this picture.

IMG_6029The Toilet wasn’t plugged, but the bowl was cracked for some reason. According to the previous owners they replaced this toilet just last year, as it broke while they were away in the Sunbelt. I don’t know what’s up with this little room but we’ll have to keep an eye on it.

IMG_6031Sylvia noticed the crack last week, and we went out and bought ourselves a new Kohler unit from Home Depot. In about 90 minutes I had the new one installed, now I have to figure out what to do with the broken one. The first person who suggests I use it for a planter might find it delivered to their front door in the middle of the night.


Other than normal chores around the house, we’ve continued to play Pickleball twice a week (which is going well) and I’ve finally managed to get in another round of golf (not going so well – after losing 2 balls on the first hole I stopped counting my score and just ‘tried’ to have fun).

On Saturday we woke up to pouring rain, but true to form it stopped within a half hour and by mid morning it was clear and dry enough to head outside and do some chores. I was out cleaning up some of the plants in the yard when I saw this little creature hanging from the Garage door opening. It’s about the size of a quarter.

IMG_6033I knocked it to the ground and figured I’d better investigate a bit more as I had an inkling on what type of spider it was.

IMG_6040Sure enough when I turned it over I saw the tell-tale hourglass marking of a Black Widow Spider. Ever since I was a kid I’d known that Black Widows were present in the Okanagan, but this is the first one I’d ever encountered in the outdoors. After showing it to Sylvia so she’d know what to look for I sent it to an early grave.

In the afternoon I took off on a short ride on the Goldwing through the orchard and vineyard properties down in the Summerland area. I stopped at one of the wineries in the area as we’d been told it was a great place for a picnic. It turns out that they don’t allow you to bring your own coolers, but do provide food on their patio which looks out over the Kettle Valley Railway trestle in the area as well as Okanagan Lake. It’s a real pretty spot.


The apples are looking ready to pick, and sure add some colour to the area. I think I need to do some more thinning of our fruit next year if I want to see apples that are consistently this large. We had quite a few large apples, but also quite a few small ones this year, and the pears we did see on the tree before the bear knocked it down were quite small.

IMG_6043 IMG_6048

Speaking of bears, we haven’t seen any more since last weekend. It looks like they’ve all decided to browse for food at the various creeks that empty into the lake. The Kokanee are spawning this time of year, and it’s their latest source of free food. One of the parks in Peachland has been closed to hikers as there’s too many bears camped out in the area. When Keith and Linda were here visiting last week they just about walked into a bear on the trail they were on right next to the lake. I haven’t heard of any being shot this year, but it’s not big news like it is in the Vancouver area when it happens.

On Saturday evening we drove to Coldstream near Vernon to attend a night of music at the local Coffee House. We’ve been there a few times, and really enjoy the local talent on display. This session was the best yet, and some of the less seasoned performers were really really good. One young woman was performing for the first time, and she had an absolutely wonderful voice. One of the performers was Sylvia’s brother Ray, and he read one of his poems and sang Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Ray really leaves it all on the stage when he performs, and it was great to listen to him.


As we had to be there fairly early, we decided to have dinner in Winfield which is about halfway to Coldstream from our place. We decided upon a restaurant called L’Isola Bella Bistro. They specialize in Sicilian Pasta dishes, and the food was fabulous, and very reasonably priced. They even have a number of Vegetarian and Gluten Free choices available. We’ll be back.

Well, that was this week. We hope yours was just as good as ours.


3 responses to “More Rainy(?) Days

  1. You live in the extremes of bears to black widow spiders. That the bears have stayed away of late is a good thing. And fishing for spawning Kokanee seems to be a far better meal than pears or apples.

    This is a nice time o f the year for motorcycling too. With less tourist traffic, the Okanagan roads return to the locals. Nice! The changing season does make us think about our southern US travels though.


    • It is a nice riding season, but the traffic wasn’t really that bad this summer. Friday afternoons, and Long Weekend Mondays were bad, but other than those times it was pretty easy to travel from Vernon to Penticton.


  2. You should of contacted us and we could have met you for dinner 😦 MInd you Saturday night was the first night in 3 that Colin wasn’t working so he was glad to just be home.


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