There goes another Month

September seems to have passed by really quickly this year. We had very nice weather for the first few weeks  of the month, and then Fall seemed to descend with a vengeance. It’s been cool and rainy quite often lately, although it hasn’t impacted our opportunities to play Pickleball every Tuesday and Thursday so far. Last night we had a tremendous rainstorm accompanied by thunder and lightning. It didn’t last that long, but I figured I’d be cleaning up debris from the yard this morning. Surprisingly I woke up to fairly sunny skies, and very little shrapnel on the lawn. I really don’t miss having several large Fir trees in the yard like we had on the Island. After a storm like last night I’d be picking up branches and cones until the next storm started.

A couple of weeks ago I started noticing various bloggers posting pictures of their computer work spaces. It turned out that this was at the request of a blog titled Viva Veracruz where John posted a picture of his computer workstation complete with 6 or 7 computers and at least 6 monitors where his creative juices are put into words. I will admit to having 3 barely functioning laptops in the house and one ancient desktop rescued from Sylvia’s Mom’s place in the storage room, but they are all filed away waiting to be used in an emergency. I do take 2 of the laptops with us when we go south, but while I’ve been frustrated with the Windows 7 laptop I use, I’ve never had to resort to pulling out one of the XP machines due to a failure. That leaves us with Sylvia’s IPad which she claims I never let her use, and the recent addition of a Mac Pro desktop that we picked up from my son. It makes for a pretty clean setup.


I had a round of golf scheduled for last Friday, but when we woke up to driving rain my neighbour called and suggested we play a round indoors instead. Having never played on an indoor simulator I was interested in giving it a try. We drove down to Urban Links and set ourselves up to play the Mauna Kea course in Hawaii, and while it seems to be quite a bit more forgiving than real life golf (I don’t think there’s a way I could score a 96 on a championship course like that) it was a lot of fun, and the round was over in just over 2 hours. And we stayed dry as a bonus. I did kinda miss the smell of Plumeria that I’m used to in Hawaii. I guess I’ll just have to bring my own can of Glade or Airwick next time to complete the illusion.

On Sunday I joined up with a neighbour and a mutual friend of ours to head to Oliver on our motorcycles for the monthly BMW Valley Riders breakfast meeting. It was a blustery day, and was raining when we left West Kelowna. It cleared off pretty quickly, but never warmed up too much. I was the only guy there on a Gold Wing, which meant I was the subject of a bit of good natured ribbing, but at least I didn’t drive a car to the meeting.

IMG_6061 IMG_6062

After the breakfast I decided to stay with Bob and Wayne for part of the trip home as they promised me they would stick to pavement. They were both riding dual purpose bikes, and I think that was the only thing that made it possible for me to keep up with them on asphalt. I swear that next time I go with them I’m going to strap a GoPro camera to my helmet so I can review the video and see where I went. As it is I’m so busy concentrating on the twisty roads and the distant tail lights of my riding partners that I really don’t get a chance to enjoy the scenery.


Later that day we were blessed with the arrival of our friends Brian and Kathy. We’ve known them for more than 20 years, and have a lot of similar experiences in our lives. Like us, they have 2 boys (just a year or so older than our sons); they retired as early as they could; they bought themselves an RV a couple of years before they retired; they determined that they wanted to travel across Canada as soon as they could and then did it; and they sold their house in Campbell River the same year we did, although they never bought another one like us. They are now homeless and still don’t know exactly where they’re going to live once their Cross Canada trek is done. They are expecting their first Grandchild this December though, and I kinda think they won’t be settling too far away from their family in Victoria.


We last saw them at the end of June last year as they were on their way East, and other then the 6 months they spent in the US over the winter they’ve been covering much of the same area we saw in our trip in 2011. Although, as we kept up with their travels we realized that there are lots of things we missed in Eastern Canada. We’ll just have to do it again one day.

We spent a delightful 24 hours catching up on their experiences and comparing notes on RV technology must haves and special locations we have to see again. The pace they kept was somewhat less frenetic than our 4 month trip in 2011, but they still are rather looking forward to having some sort of sun filled holiday this winter to recover from their travels. We really enjoyed our time with them, and I think they enjoyed a chance to sleep in a Queen size bed and have a long hot shower.


PS. Anyone who used to work with me knows that the clean desk is ALL Sylvia’s doing. I had far and away the messiest desk you could possibly imagine.

PS #2 I just remembered that I retired 3 years ago today. Man that sure went fast!


7 responses to “There goes another Month

  1. Wow an amazingly tidy workstation indeed! I think you may be the winner on that front. I noticed in my working career that the most important people or at least the highest up individuals always had clean desks and little in their office – something I never came close to; or to being a CEO ;-0


  2. We got the heavy rainstorm and storm force winds here in C.River early yesterday evening. Now, I’ve got to get out and clean up all the branches!Sounds like you two are staying busy and having lots of fun too!


  3. Congratulations to Brian and Kathy, Grandchildren are the BEST!


  4. Good to hear the survived that horrid storm unscathed. Enjoy the company of your friends.


  5. Retired three years already? Just imagine all of those new experiences in the years ahead. That is something to look forward to.

    Indoor golf? I’ve heard of that but have never experienced it. Hmmmmm…..interesting!


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