Winter Plans are Taking Shape

This afternoon we booked an RV site at Indian Waters RV Resort for the month of December. The resort is located in Indio California near Palm Springs. We have decided to head south a month earlier than we have in the past (believe me it’s no small feat to get Sylvia out of BC before Christmas), and thought that we’d like to try something different for our first month. We’ve never stayed in California for any length of time, and have always driven through on our way to Arizona, but thought we’d give it a try. A few of our neighbours stay in Palm Springs, and between them and our friends Brian and Kathy we’ve heard a lot about how different it is than Arizona. We’ll see, but one thing that I know will be different is that we’ve booked a site that supposedly has grass all around it instead of the gravel and concrete we’re used to in Arizona. It’s a smaller resort, with less than 300 sites, but it does have a couple of lighted Pickleball courts which we should make good use of.
We are still going to be heading to our regular spot in Gold Canyon, but won’t be arriving until January 1. Just in time for the softball season to start.
Do you think the reality will be as nice as the pictures?

Several of the people we play Pickleball with are counting the days before they head south, and by the end of October it seems there will only be a few of us left to drive the empty streets of West Kelowna. We’re in the midst of cleaning up the yard for the winter, and I’ve filled up the truck for the second of what will probably be  at least 4 or 5 trips to the local dump. Other than one bush that died off this summer most of the vegetation seems to have survived my hacking and slashing last fall. I’ll probably be even more drastic this season, as I’d like to reduce the size of some of the vegetation around the house. It’s pretty easy to let things get overgrown around here, as the heat, sunshine and irrigation system make for pretty ideal growing conditions.

Our son Jason will be arriving very early tomorrow morning for a weekend visit. He’s going to be driving our old truck home as he is purchasing it to use for transporting the crates he builds around Calgary. It will be nice to see him, and even nicer to have our regular parking places back.


2 responses to “Winter Plans are Taking Shape

  1. We will quite likely (although not confirmed yet) get to see you in the Palm Springs area. We’re contemplating leaving here on or about the 14th of November.


  2. Happy for you, we are at June’s mom’s cabin. It’s on the north shuswap near Magna Bay. We will be heading to Desert Hot Springs in the first week of January.


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