A great day to pack an RV.

After dealing with RV prep (tire pressure, water tank purging and various outdoor activities) in the pouring rain yesterday, we awoke to a bright sunny day today. It’s not far above freezing, but the dry weather will make it easy to load up the trailer and finish up the outside stuff. The dry weather also means the mountain passes won’t be seeing any more snow before we’re out of here on Thursday. That’s a real blessing, as they had over a foot of snow fall over the weekend.
The house is already looking pretty barren, as we’ve had to remove all of our delicate stuff from the upstairs in preparation for having our Hardwood floors re-done while we’re away. It almost feels like we’re moving again!
We hope your day is as nice as ours.



3 responses to “A great day to pack an RV.

  1. Glad you’re going to be starting out in good weather. And the weather reports look great for your destination. We can’t complain about things here. There are cosmos still blooming along the back fence, and a second freezer full of berries from our own plants. Jerry made a flight up to Edmonton to visit with ian for a few days. I really don’t feel like travelling any more, and was happy to see him get on the plane, rather than spend at least two days driving. They had a great time, walking the trails and byways around the town. The new neighbours are nice, but they aren’t you and we miss you. The couple in the duplex are still there, and still having parties in the back yard…..one until 4 a.m. That had everyone in an uproar. I’ve posted some pictures of garden projects on my FB page. There’s a small patio area in front of our living room window now, which really changes the look of the place. Cuts down the parking, but there wasn’t enough anyway. I’m trying to convince Jerry that turning part of the lawn into parking wouldn’t be the end of the world, but that seems to be a lost cause. Neal and Maria are coming for Christmas this year. They’ve already requested stuffed crown roast, as long as we bbq a turkey, too, for sandwiches. I’ll need a few more to eat all that food. Have a safe trip. We’ll be following along in your blog, and enjoying your adventures. God bless. Lenore


  2. You do have a lot going on. To have the hardwood floors re-done while you are away is a much better solution.

    Good luck with packing the fiver…and equally good luck for a clear, snow free, drive to the coast.

    FYI: We arrived in Tonopah,NV, at 3:30 pm today…..without our iPad working. Apple finally cut to the chase and admitted it was not possible to unlock it. I hate that! When you buy new technology, it should work anywhere, anytime. Apple is losing favour for these stupid tricks they pull off. I am PO’d with them.

    We’ll get it fixed or changed out when we return home in late December for Christmas and when we go to Edmonton for Courtney and Deni’s new baby.



  3. Happy it’s all coming together for you, and that Mother Nature will likely be on your side by the time you leave town. 🙂

    “Happy Trails” to you, travel safe. Keep up the blog posts; I look forward to your tales of adventure throughout the winter.


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