The Ten Tenors

First thing Sunday morning we decided to talk another walk around the neighbourhood. As we were serenaded by a multitude of barking dogs last time we walked through the neigbourhood next to us, we decided to stay on the ‘Main’ roads and circle the whole area. It was actually a much quieter walk, as the roads were fairly empty and we didn’t hear a dog bark once. The walk took us an hour, not including a stop at a Starbucks we discovered on our travels.
In the afternoon we took off for Palm Desert and a visit to the McCallum Theatre to see the Ten Tenors. This is a group of relatively young men from Australia who seem to be favourites of the locals. This year alone they will have had 10 performances in this venue. And after listening to them today we can see why they’re popular. All 10 had great voices, and we were treated with a selection of songs ranging from Ava Maria to Waltzing Matilda. There were also various side trips in the program to allow us to hear Christmas Carols as well as classic songs from Elton John, Michael Jackson, Men at Work and Meatloaf!
It was a great show, and I’m happy we were able to get the tickets. The ticket prices I mentioned earlier were for a fund raising gala it turned out. I was able to get tickets at a reasonable price, and I’m glad I did as it was almost sold out. The show was over 2 hours of singing, so we reallygot our money’s worth.
Tomorrow we dust off our Pickleball equipment, and will be up and at it early in the morning. We have to practice up for Friday as they are planning a day of matches between Canadians and Americans. It should be fun!


One response to “The Ten Tenors

  1. Good concert to attend, I’m sure. McCallum is a nice theatre, isn’t it? Next door is the weekend swap meet/fair at the College of The Desert. If you have not taken it in, you may enjoy it. They often have some great street entertainment.


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