The Birthday Girl

We had a great day today  celebrating Sylvia’s birthday amidst all the other activities that happen around here. As well as greetings from several friends here in the park, she received some e-cards, calls, texts and emails from friends and family over the rest of the day to make it special.

After the morning at the courts we made our lunch and headed out to do some shopping. Both of us needed new court shoes as we’ve about worn out our regular shoes on the pickleball courts. I also needed a bag to hold all my stuff for softball as I’ve outgrown all the sports bags we brought with us. It seems that every year I need more gear or devices to keep my various body parts in place. Sylvia was also shopping for some sports wear and didn’t fare very well. I ended up bringing home more parcels than she did which is pretty unfair considering it was her birthday.

After the shopping trip we came back to the RV and got ready for a nice dinner. We chose an Italian restaurant in Mesa called Alessia’s Ristorante Italiano. It has great reviews on Urbanspoon. We’d like to report that the reviews were accurate as we had a great meal. I’ve also developed a new appreciation for Cannoli’s. I’ve never had them before, but they taste really good, so they can’t be good for me, can they? Once we got back to the RV, Sylvia took full advantage of her present from Jason and cuddled up in her chair with her new faux mink blanket, and settled in for the night. She’s sure warm. All in all it was a pretty good day.


We managed to get a full session of Pickleball in this morning, although I was not as fast as I remember being last week Smile. I have really pulled a muscle in a rather delicate portion of my anatomy playing softball on Monday, but it shouldn’t hold me back too much, as I wasn’t that good to begin with. Tomorrow we have tentatively planned to head out on a hike, but if I’m still stiff and sore we may choose to have an easier day. We also have plans to take in a pickleball training session in the afternoon, and at this point I’m not sure I can do both. This getting old stuff, while being in denial, is not always a good thing.


6 responses to “The Birthday Girl

  1. Lenore Tomlinson

    Happy birthday, Sylvia. Hope the rest of your year is a good as today. Lenore and Jerry


  2. Happy Birthday Sylvia. Shopping and dinner out seemed like good activities. Too bad Rod rolled back home with more stuff than you. What’s with that? Hey Rod, take it easy on that aging body!!!!


  3. Brian & Kathy Driver

    Aww … the Lady in Fur … faux or not you look quite regal on your Birthday. And new runners for the best final touch of elegance! You look absolutely charming, as a Birthday girl should …… K


  4. I agree, Sylvia, makes for a very beautiful birthday girl. I love you, my friend. xo Norma


  5. Happy Belated Birthday Sylvia. Sounds like you had a good day. You are looking pretty darn good for a retired lady! Must be all of the fun you guys are having. Linda.


  6. Happy birthday Sylvia! You look great in mink!


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