Did I mention it was Warm?

And Sunny? We’ve been blessed with very nice weather over the last week or so. The temps have been reaching into the mid 80’s F or high 20’s C for about a week now. It’s supposed to cool off a bit over the next few days, but it looks like daytime temps won’t be under 73 for the next 2 weeks, so it’s just about perfect for me.

We were pretty tired after our hike last week but got in a couple of hours of pickleball on Thursday and Saturday against the regular group that plays in the mornings. We also managed to get in a couple of hours on Friday and today playing with a group of friends who are closer to our talent level than the morning group, and that’s always a lot of fun. Add in a softball practice, and we’ve had our fill of sports this week.

We managed to squeeze in some time on Friday to wash our truck inside and out, and after driving down some dirt roads to get to our hikes lately it sure needed it. A big seller at the local market here is the extra large size of the California Duster, a kind of dry floor mop for vehicles. With all the dust that floats around it’s amazing how quickly a truck can start looking dingy. The fella across the street from us (the one who wants me to stop working so hard so his wife won’t give him a hard time) manages to get his shiny new truck dusted off regularly, and his vehicle sure looks nicer than ours most days…but then again I don’t think he goes down any dirt roads with it.


Saturday was the date of the annual Canadian Potluck dinner here. As the Canadian signature colour is red, it’s probably advantageous that they hold the event right after Valentines Day, as they kept most of the decorations up and just added a collection of Provincial flags along the walls.

We had a great time, and ate too much, although I never managed to find the plate of Nanaimo Bars I was expecting to see on the dessert table.


We’ve actually started to head into the ‘Pot Luck Dinner’ season here in the park. As a number of people leave the park at the end of February, the various clubs and social groups here in the park try and schedule get togethers before the end of February to ensure that everyone gets a chance to attend. Over the next 2 weeks we have the following events scheduled:

1. The Canada Potluck (it was attended by almost 200 people from the park)

2. The Kansas Potluck  on Tuesday (we are surrounded by people from Kansas, and as we can now understand them they thought it would be nice to invite us for entertainment value if nothing else  – they think our ‘haccent’ is cute as we’re the only ones here who wash their cars and laundry, Kansas people tend to warsh everything.

3. The Pickleball Potluck on Friday (Sylvia’s on the organizing committee for this, but nobody has told her anything about it yet…..should be interesting)

4. The Choir Potluck on Saturday (neither of us sing in the choir, but as I do the sound board work for the Sunday Services we’ve been invited as special guests….or maybe we’re ‘Just Special’, as Dana Carvey’s Church Lady would say)

5. The Softball Teams Potluck next Monday (that’s the last day of our season, and we usually organize a get together for all the teams)

6. The Hiking Club Potluck on March 2nd. Hiking continues into March, but as it gets pretty warm by then, the beginning of the month is a good time to wrap things up.

Once all these events are wrapped up, we should have a chance to do a few of the activities outside of the park that we haven’t had time for this year, like plays, music performances or museums. We have already purchased tickets to another Canucks game in early March, and that should be fun as we’re heading there with our friends Keith and Linda. We’ve also made arrangements to head to one of the restaurants outside of the Arena before the game, and that should be fun.

Tomorrow morning we are back into the regular routine with meetings in the morning to sort out the activities and hikes planned for the week, followed by my softball games. It’s supposed to be 82F in the afternoon, so it should be pretty toasty. They always have a cooler of beer at the patio for after the game, and I think that will be a popular place considering the heat expected tomorrow afternoon.

We’ve received some Facebook messages, blog posts and emails from friends and family in Florida, BC and Ireland, and it sure looks like we’re getting the best weather around this year. It’s such a crapshoot trying to find good weather every year, but we sure can’t complain about anything we’ve experienced this year. We hope you all find yourselves warm and dry wherever you are.



4 responses to “Did I mention it was Warm?

  1. No, we’re NOT warm and dry Rod – we’re snowy, windy and cold! (Actually the snow and wind have stopped and there’s a beautiful moon rising over the Ocean!) Life on the wet, West Coast ain’t so bad after all!!!!


  2. Gee, with all of those pot luck dinners, you two have to keep taking those intensive and demanding hikes to ward off the caloric intake.

    Heat? Well, the west coast of BC is having a heat wave too @ +8 degrees Celsius. To top that off, there are 100 KM winds that are driving the rain at 45 degrees too. Actually, it is not too bad here but…..I long for my return to the Palm Springs desert country this coming Saturday evening.


  3. Brian & Kathy Driver

    Go Canada Go! No, not to the potluck tables, but athletes in Russia!! We’re sure proud of both the Cdn winners and also rans. So positive. All the countries are doing great. AND you did a good ol’ try at the Canada Potluck, despite the lack of good ol’ Nanaimo Bars (imagine that!). No Gold prize there 🙂 Sounds like shorts weather for sure now, lucky you …. Victoria almost made it there last week, at 14ºC, but not quite. And now the sunshine is back to rain …. so keep on enjoying the south, truck cleaning and all. Love those sunsets.


  4. It’s always shorts weather in my little world 🙂


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