Pickleball, Hockey, Hiking– maybe time for a Nap?

Tuesday started out with us playing our regular Pickleball session before we got ready to head out across town with Keith and Linda to see the Vancouver Canucks play the Phoenix Coyotes in Glendale. The pickleball was fun, the trip to Glendale was great considering we spent a while crawling through an outlet mall before the game (have I mentioned that I really don’t like shopping?) and the walk around the Westgate entertainment complex before the game was a treat.


Keith and Linda had never been to Westgate, and never been to a live NHL game anywhere so it was quite a treat for them. We stopped off for dinner at our favourite restaurant there, Margaritaville, before heading into the arena just before the game. They were surprised to see how many of the fans were wearing Canucks jerseys, but we’ve come to expect it when we attend the games here. The stands were about 90% full this time but just like last time there were probably more local fans than Canucks fans in attendance. We all did a fine job of singing our anthem though, as I think O Canada was louder than The Star Spangled Banner. Just before the game we heard that the ‘Nucks had traded away their franchise best goaltender for a couple of unknowns and a pair of used athletic supporters. If you’d told me a year ago that the Canucks would have traded away two of the better goalies in the league for a single first round draft pick and a couple of journeymen players I’d have thought you were nuts. I think it’s time for the management of the team to be shown the door, but that’s just my frustration talking. If they come back and win the Stanley Cup this year I just might have to forgive them.


The game was relatively boring and just like the last time we were there the score was 1 – 0 for Phoenix. In fact I don’t think we’ve seen the Canucks win a game here since we started going to games a few years ago. Maybe we should just stop going as they don’t seem to appreciate our support.

This morning we woke up early to head out on another hike with the club. This time 29 of us headed out to an area called the Massacre Grounds. The name is the result of an Apache tribe pushing a Mexican family over the cliffs when they caught them mining in their territory. At least that’s the legend, as there’s no definitive proof that the massacre ever really happened, but it’s a good story anyway.


The hike is a 5.5 mile in and out hike with about 1100 feet of elevation gain. It felt kinda like being on a stair climber for an hour and a half by the time we made it to the Massacre Grounds, but considering the age and health issues of some of the people we hike with it was great to see that all but 2 of us made it to the destination.


The weather has turned back to being just about perfect around here, mid to high 70’s during the day and cool at night. Just the way we like it.


The recent rains have started to boost the colours in the desert, but this Hedgehog is the only type of Cactus we’ve seen flowering so far. It won’t be long before everything else catches up though.


Here we are at the Massacre Grounds, the drop off on the left is at least a few hundred feet deep. There are some stories of bones being found in the ravine in the distant past, but nothing has ever been proven as far as it having a violent past.


As is becoming standard fare for us, Sylvia and I posed on the edge of the drop off. In fact I posed there with a few  other ladies, as they’re figuring out that I don’t have a fear of heights, and won’t let them drop off the ledge. One thing this picture doesn’t show is all the blood and little puncture marks on my shin from where I walked into a cactus while I was pulling my camera out of my backpack. I may be confident about heights, but I’m still a klutz on flat ground.


This dark spot across the valley is what is called Massacre Falls. With the recent rains we were hoping that there might be a decent amount of water at the falls. There was just a trickle falling over the ledge however. The round trip hike took just over 3 hours, and we were back at the RV just after noon. That left us plenty of time to catch up on our laundry and other exciting chores. No time for a nap though.


By the end of the day we ended up with another nice sunset. Tomorrow we’re back to the Pickleball courts and some afternoon training. Friday we’re off to visit the Tonto National Monument which is an ancient Native village high above Roosevelt Lake. We’ve been to the lower ruins before, but are looking forward to seeing the bigger site that’s higher in the hills. It should be fun.



4 responses to “Pickleball, Hockey, Hiking– maybe time for a Nap?

  1. Bye bye Luongo! Nice hike! There are some RV parks in this area that are receiving so many complaints about pickle balls making too much annoying noise. Any complaints out your way?


  2. Nothing here yet, but I know that the racquets that Sylvia and I use are not welcome at Sun City Grande as they’re too loud. We’ve been looking at a couple of new ones that have a foam core and are much quieter. No sense being any more annoying than we have to I guess.


  3. What a fabulous series of photographs! There’s certainly something to be said for all that sunshine, too!


  4. We never get tired of the blue skies. We kid each other every morning along the lines of ‘Ho Hum, just another sunny day in Paradise!’


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