So what have we been doing lately?

First off we’ve been keeping very busy on the Pickleball courts this week as we’ve not been doing any hiking lately, although we haven’t given up completely on heading out into the desert. We have a hike scheduled for tomorrow that’s turning out to be an annual event, and I’ll post the pictures for that when we recover. It’s supposed to be very warm but cloudy so it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable out there. We also have the benefit of finishing the hike at the Canyon Lake Marina where they serve a variety of very cold beverages that I’m sure we’ll stop to sample. We are also considering doing a climb up Picacho Peak next week that will involve using chains and cables in place on the mountain to haul ourselves up and down the trail. I’m hoping that Sylvia won’t see through my plan to use this as preparation for her to climb down to Havasu Falls at some point in the future. (don’t worry, she edits these posts, so I’m not keeping any secrets for long)

Secondly we’ve been doing a lot of visiting with our various friends and family here in the park and outside while we prepare ourselves for not seeing everyone for the next several months. On Saturday we went for dinner with Jim and Cheryl at a very nice restaurant in Mesa. On Sunday we were invited over for dinner at Bruce and Sonja’s which we really enjoyed. On Monday we were pleased to have my cousin Karen and her husband Randy who live in Calgary come over for a visit. More on that later. And on Tuesday we spent some time enjoying the afternoon with Dana and Debbie who we’re also joining on the hike tomorrow. The only thing that really ties all these events together is that we didn’t take a single picture of any of these visits. I have decided that I must be the world’s worst blogger, or at the very least we’re having too much fun to sit still long enough to pull out the camera.

We also had a chance to visit the juried Art Show at the Apache Wells community center on the weekend. My godmother May is an accomplished painter and over the years has won several awards at the show and this year was no exception. These are just a small sample of the paintings she had on display. This award was for ‘Best of Show’.




Many of the other artists paintings were very good as well, and we enjoy attending the show every year. We’ve also made arrangements to spend some time with May and Neil this coming weekend as they’ll be heading back to Edmonton soon.

As I mentioned we were pleased to host my cousin Karen and Randy earlier this week. This is their first year being snowbirds, as they purchased a motorhome last spring and managed to get out of Calgary in early January during some nasty weather. At least they managed to get away, as if they’d waited too much longer they’d have been stuck at home for the entire nasty winter that Calgarians have had to endure. Karen is actually still working, just spending time down here while she completes a leave of absence. She was rather coy about whether or not she’s going to fully retire, but I managed to get Randy to admit that he’s having a blast, and has booked a site at Borrego Springs in California next February. Either Karen’s going to be retired and joining him for the winter, negotiating another leave of absence, or spending all her holiday time very early in the year. We’ll see.

They seem to really be enjoying themselves down here in the sunbelt, and we took the time to show them the attractions here at Canyon Vistas. We also dropped in at the park’s St Patrick’s Day party where they fit right in, though we kept them away from those particular friends of ours who will only tell lies and wild stories about us.


There haven’t been too many clouds hanging around at all lately, so the sunsets have been pretty bland, but yesterday was pretty nice, and I managed to get over my Camera phobia and take this pic.

I know I’ve mentioned it numerous times this winter, but the weather has been absolutely wonderful this year. We’ve only had a couple of days where the temps closed in on 90F which I find too hot to do anything requiring physical activity. We’ve also only had a handful of days where the high temps didn’t reach at least the upper 60’s and we had to dress warmly. The rest of the days have been ideal for the various activities we enjoy. You may have noticed that we don’t spend a lot of time sitting down and reading or lounging by the pool. For some reason that hasn’t been high on our priority list the last few years, but we’ve noticed that the pools have been very busy all season.

 Fullscreen capture 19032014 84916 PM.bmp

This is what we have to look forward to in the next couple of weeks. Our son Jason is arriving here on the 29th, and staying for a few days. I don’t think he’ll be disappointed in the weather!


One response to “So what have we been doing lately?

  1. Jason will truly appreciate the nice, warm weather when he arrives for a visit.

    The pickle ball and those hikes you are planning are required to ward off the effects of all those dinners you two attend. Sounds like great fun.


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