We’ve made such Great Friends!

Today was the date of the ‘Final Spring Fling @ Canyon Vistas’. This was a party hosted by Deb and Dana that brought together several of the people who we hike and/or play baseball with – oops make that softball – here in the park. Besides the hosts, we were joined by Murphy the Wonder Dog, Don and Wanda, Jim and Cheryl, Paul and Marsha, Kelly and Kathy, Bruce and Sonja, Keith and Linda and ourselves. We had a great feast, and managed to learn some new recipes, especially dessert recipes, and if you’ve never had Sex in a Pan, you’ve never really had a great dessert! And yes I managed to eat several things that Sylvia NEVER lets me eat, but last time I looked she was eating just as much dessert as I was Smile.

Sylvia and I have had many conversations over the past few years wondering just how we are going to approach our future retirement plans. Prior to our retirement we’d never really done the same vacation twice in a row, and figured we’d continue that pattern going forward. This year marks the 3rd year we’ve been here in Canyon Vistas, and the 4th year we’ve spent in Arizona. So much for changing things up every year.

We still have a bucket list of travel we wish to accomplish, but I think that somehow we’ll have to work it in around our yearly trips to Gold Canyon for a few years at least. Neither of us can see ourselves wanting to be deprived of the absolutely wonderful time we get to spend with our friends down here, and today was no exception. We managed to spend four hours telling lies, embellishing stories, and making plans for next year’s ball team and hiking treks. A great time was had by all of us, and we left well fed and smiling. We even managed to plan to have another Spring Fling next year, so it looks like this might be an annual event!


Over the next few days, several of the group are heading towards home, although nobody is in too much of a hurry to head back towards the north-east where it continues to look a lot like winter. I think a few of our number are going to hang on as long as they can, hoping that the snow is gone from their yard before they show up at home. However one of our neighbours here told me that he still has 3 feet of snow on his driveway in Michigan, and as he’s leaving here on Sunday I somehow don’t think it’s going to be gone before he needs to park his motorhome in his yard.


One other interesting thing we did this week was to head out to dinner with Bruce and Sonja at a unique restaurant in Mesa. It’s called Beaver Choice, and yes, it’s named after the official emblem of Canada, the ‘mighty’ Beaver. The family owned and run restaurant traces it’s roots through Canada, Poland and Scandinavia, and features menu choices from all 3 locales. I don’t think there’s many restaurants in the world where you can order Poutine, Fylld Lövbiff, Pytt I Panna or Frikadeller. The food was great, and we will definitely come back next year, and will be bringing along some more of our Canadian friends to enjoy the food.

Tomorrow we will be heading to the airport to pick up Jason for his 4 day visit. It should be fun, and the highlight should be a trip to Tucson where I’ll be taking him to the Pima Air Museum and a Joe Bonamassa concert. It should be a great day, and a great way to finish up our time here. Don’t remind me, but we’ll be heading towards home ourselves in another week. At least we don’t have to look forward to lots of snow on our way home.


4 responses to “We’ve made such Great Friends!

  1. And the best part about retirement planning is the jello the plan is written on. To change one’s thinking about plans is perfect. Whatever works. And it seems that you have very good reasons for being drawn back to Gold Canyon.

    I bet Jason is really looking forward to the winter breakaway too. Enjoy.


  2. We had so much fun! Enjoy your trip to Tucson.


  3. Frank & Paula McWhirter

    Looks like fun, feeling left out 😦 You will have fun at Pima, its great!


  4. Glad you are enjoying the park, the friends and the activities. Perhaps you can work in a few other destinations by leaving a tad earlier and arriving at Canyon Vistas a tad later.


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