So we’re done with Utah

For now. We had a wonderful time exploring Northern Arizona and Southeastern Utah in the last few days, and will certainly be back in this area sometime as there’s so much more that we can see. Even if you just include the areas of Canyonlands Park that we didn’t visit this time, we could see ourselves spending several more days in the Moab area. Then there’s always the Southwest part of the state where we want to see Grand Staircase/Escalante, Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Parks as well as revisit Zion NP. Then there’s always the Grand Canyon which we’ve never seen either. Far too many places to go, and too little time to see them all at once. We will make it a priority to visit some of these places in the future when decent weather allows.

Speaking of weather, I looked at a post of a friend of mine, Croft’s Mexico, who spent the winter travelling across the southeastern States looking for sunshine, and failing to find it. He finally arrived in the Phoenix area on the day we left, and posted a weather advisory that showed the temperatures were going to be reaching into the mid to high 90’s for the rest of the week. Just what they’ve been searching for all winter. He’s already extended his stay for several more days to soak in the heat. Just to balance out the heat, I thought I’d post a couple of pics of our experience today.


Mind you we were climbing over a pass at about 7500 feet of elevation when we passed through this patch of snow.


Very shortly after we left Moab we came across these similar rock formations as found in Canyonlands NP with the exception that the colour is more grey, and not the red and cream coloured sandstone that is a distinctive feature of the Colorado River Plateau area. Although the red rock of Canyonlands is more dramatic, both areas looked very special.  I have to admit I prefer the red, but maybe I’m just a landscape snob.


We had a pretty long day of travel today by our regular standards. We were on the road before 8:30 and put on 725 km or 450 miles today. If we keep up this pace we will probably be home by Friday, which will be great.

We ended up  just outside Twin Falls, Idaho where we’re parked for the night in what looks like an old KOA park, complete with a number of small cabins for rent. We’re just off the highway, but as there are a number of trees on the property, we hope it will be relatively quiet. It’s at least warmer than the snowbelt we went through, as the temps were in the 70’s when we parked for the day.


3 responses to “So we’re done with Utah

  1. Clearly southern Utah & northern Arizona offer so much beauty. To take in several visits over a number of years is appealing. Good plan.


  2. That is a long drive! Something tells me that you are ready to be home. You know, you will need to start planning next years travels!


  3. We just did a 500 mile drive the other day, yup a very long day. Looks like the weather is warming up just in time for your arrival home.


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