We’re home

Today was a bit less of a mega trip, as we only had about 300 miles to go, and we made it here just after 3:30 this afternoon. Nan left a comment on yesterday’s post about having a sore tush just thinking about 400 miles + daily trips, and we definitely feel like we’ve had enough. Sylvia’s term for how we feel is Bumitis, and after 3 long days we think the condition might stick around for a day or two before we’re back to normal.
I mentioned a few months ago that we had our hardwood floors redone while we were away. The job looks good, but there’s definitely some dust spread around the house, and we spent the past several hours cleaning walls and every horizontal surface in the upstairs. We moved some of our furniture back upstairs (enough to have dinner) and rearranged all the big pieces that weren’t quite where they belonged. Sylvia hasn’t made me bring out the square and tape measure just yet, but I don’t think I’ll be so lucky tomorrow.
We’re pooped out now, and will pick up where we left off tomorrow.


5 responses to “We’re home

  1. Welcome Home!!! I’m glad that you are safe and sound. I always like going away, but I take great pleasure in coming home and sleeping in my own bed…. but I guess with you guys, you actually have two beds that are your own. Any way, I’m thankful to the Lord God for taking care of you both, xo Norma


  2. Bumitis, I like that. Now, for your ‘honey do’ list!


  3. From bumitis to workitis seems to be the trend you are facing in the days ahead. I’m not sure which condition is worse! Welcome back.


  4. You will be longing for the easy “work days” at Telus any time now.


  5. Glad you arrived safe and soundly although tired. Not fun to have to deal with that dust first off but I guess it has to be. Have fun with the unloading.


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