Real Life is Here Again

I guess all good things must come to an end, but after 4 days of putting our house back in shape I’m ready to head south for the winter again! And this is before I get outside and start working on the yard to get it ready for spring.

I’m kidding about heading south again, as we’ve had a pretty good few days as far as the weather goes here in the Okanagan, we just haven’t been able to enjoy it that much as we’ve been stuck inside almost all day, every day. We knew we were heading home to a project as we’d arranged to have the hardwood floors re-done in most of the upstairs, as well as having the same flooring installed in a couple of rooms. We contracted a mover to get all our big furniture moved out of the way while the work was being done, but we moved all of the ‘small stuff’ ourselves before we left for the winter. So, for the past few days we’ve been hauling lamps, end tables, paintings, electronics, knick knacks and chairs back upstairs to put them where they belong. We’ve also had to wash all the walls and horizontal surfaces in the entire upstairs, because for some reason installing hardwood creates a fair bit of dust. Who knew?

I joked in our last blog about Sylvia forcing me to bring out the tape measure before settling on the placement of various pieces of furniture. I shouldn’t have spoken so soon, as I’ve used the blasted thing far too often the past few days. I think everything is where it’s supposed to be now, but I think I’m going to hide or lose the tape measure before she gets any better ideas on where things belong.

As well as these jobs we’ve had to repaint the baseboards in the two rooms that have new flooring installed. They had to remove them after taking out the carpets and them re-install them at a different height when the hardwood was installed. They did a good job of filling all the holes and smoothing out the surface against the wall, but everything still needed to be painted so it would match. Fortunately the previous owners left a can of paint behind and the colour blended in perfectly. Once the can was open I also took the time to touch up a number of spots that had been scraped or chipped by the various moving activities that have happened in the house in the last couple of years.

We haven’t spent all our time working though, as we managed to squeeze in some time to attend a CD release party for Andrew and Zachari Smith. They are a Father and Son duo who we’ve heard perform several times in the Kelowna area, and managed to order some tickets for their performance while we were still in Utah last week. They are probably best described as Folk Musicians, and several of their songs are reminiscent of the protest songs that I first heard in the 60’s (yes, I’m that old). They are embarking on a tour, which will include stops in Alberta, and it will be interesting to see if they play their various songs which try and skewer the Big Oil companies while they are in Oil-berta. We had a great time, but were getting pretty tired by the end of the set, and left before the night was over. 11:00 is pretty late for us these days I guess.

We’ve also managed to empty out and clean the RV after our winter away. This morning I took the trailer to a local garage which has an RV dump station inside it’s RV Wash bay, and cleaned out the tanks. It was handy to be able to do this job inside, as the weather turned cool and wet today. Over the winter we only experienced a very small amount of rain, but since we got home we’ve seen more of the wet stuff in 4 days than we saw all winter. This afternoon we even experienced some hail and a torrential rainstorm. We’re certainly not in the desert right now.


At least the white stuff didn’t stick around, and from what we’ve seen happening in Eastern Canada we have nothing to complain about. I snatched this picture from a friends Facebook page, and all I can say is that only Murphy the Wonder Dog seems to be enjoying himself.

It’s hard to believe that it was over 20C there yesterday. Will winter never end?

Tomorrow we’re hopefully going to have a quiet day, as we have some errands to run, and I am going to attend an evening class on the Principles of Xeriscape gardening. This is the practice of using local drought tolerant plants and procedures which will hopefully use less water and require less maintenance work in our yard. We’ve got some plans to pull some of the larger and difficult plants in the yard this summer. Hopefully the class will give us some ideas on what we can replace them with.

We’re not staying home for long, as we’re heading to the Fraser Valley to visit Sylvia’s folks over the Easter Weekend. We hope this weekend is as special for you as it will be for us.


4 responses to “Real Life is Here Again

  1. Welcome home! Say hello to Wally and Joan for me. Xx


  2. Travel safely and have a blessed Resurrection Sunday.


  3. We are having more of that “white stuff” at home again today. Back to CV and a beautiful day! Happy Easter 🙂


  4. I hope you had a good trip to the Fraser Valley. Wish you could have left us that 20C weather.


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