This and That.

The weather here since we returned home from Arizona hasn’t been anything to get too excited about, as it’s been wet and cool most days. That all changed this week as the sunshine has shown up like it’s supposed to in the Okanagan; the showers have disappeared, or at least relocated to Eastern Canada; and the large amount of yard work we’ve got to look forward to has now begun. All winter while we were away we spent time discussing how we were going to change some things in the yard as we had too many large shrubs that leave far too many leaves behind in the fall. We also have a handful of large Globe Cedars that really hide the front of the house, along with a number of plants that we’d sooner look at when we’re in the yard. Now that the nice weather has appeared we’ve started tackling this project and I’ve pulled out about 20 bushes so far, and will be heading to the local recycling depot several times this weekend to get rid of the dead soldiers.

This is how the front of the house looked last year. By the end of the season the Globes were about 6 inches higher and the Burning Bushes in the back were about twice the size and very pretty, but too big for our tastes.


We also had about 15 of the bushes down the side of the house, and it only took me a day to pull them all out. They’re about 10 years old, and I was anticipating that they would be very difficult to remove, but the irrigation system has meant that the roots never went very deep. I’ll try and fix that in the future, as that’s part of the process I learned while taking the Xeriscape course the last couple of weeks.


I have several of these large piles of branches to deal with this weekend, but for my Birthday last week I received an Electric Chainsaw which should help me cut it down into workable sizes that I can throw into the truck.


The front of the house is still a work in progress, but more than half of the stuff is uprooted, and it should only take another day to pull it all out. Then we get to flatten it out a bit and buy some landscape fabric and gravel as well as a bunch of much smaller bushes to fill in the gardens.


One of the other things that’s been an ongoing process for us has been getting some different furniture in the house. Some of the furniture we were able to purchase last year, but we still had a few  pieces that we wanted to replace and up until now were not able to find. We found a beautiful coffee table and end tables at Lazy Boy Furniture but they will take about 10 weeks to show up unfortunately, but as we’ve been waiting for 19 months already I guess we can wait a little longer. The other piece we wanted to replace was our kitchen table and chairs. We had been using a large Oak dining room table that was not that easy to get around to get to the door to our deck.  We managed to find a beautiful Canadian made table and chairs at Lazy Boy’s Essentials Store for sale. A discontinued floor model that was still in great shape so we don’t have to wait months for it, and it’s a much better size for the space. The old one has been relegated to the garage and will be on it’s way to the Salvation Army in the near future.



As I mentioned it was my Birthday last week, and we went out to see the local junior hockey team, the Kelowna Rockets, play a playoff game. It turned out to be the last game they’ll play this year, as they lost the series to the Portland Winter Hawks. I think we should stop attending games though, as we haven’t seen the team we’ve been rooting for win a game in at least 3 years. Oh well, maybe next year. At least Sylvia managed to get a chance to make my traditional birthday cake, Chocolate with Caramel icing. I’ve been eating this cake for my birthday ever since I was a kid, and when my Dad was alive I managed to get it twice each spring as it was his favourite too!

These days I’m restricted to cupcakes as Sylvia doesn’t want to see me eat a whole cake in a day. Not a problem for me though, as they last longer this way. I was eating one as I was writing this blog, and it was delicious.



4 responses to “This and That.

  1. Brian & Kathy Driver

    YuM YuM!! You sure deserve that after all that hard work. Glad you enjoy gardening 😉 Since we’re now back in our RV near Sidney we too have finally found the sunshine this week … so there’s more coming your way! B&K


  2. Happy belated birthday. I like the sleek look of the new kitchen set and think it’s great that you are donating the old one. Someone will really appreciate it.

    Took much yard work for me. My back hurts thinking of all you are doing.


  3. Remember than in just a couple of years, there will stillbe weeds growing on top of the landscape fabric. When I put the fabric down, I thought our problems were gone fo a while. Not so. The dust in the air settles and becomes….soil…grrrrr

    Do love the new dining table and chairs.

    Last but not least, happy birthday.


  4. It’s a never-ending project, isn’t it? Your house looks great already!


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