She Cleans up Good!

The weather here in the Okanagan has been up and down a bit lately, but still pretty nice for the most part. We’ve had some rain and cooler temperatures, but it hasn’t gone anywhere near freezing yet, and it’s allowed our gardens to continue to provide us with more veggies. The only issue we have with things is that the deer which have left us alone since the late spring have returned with a vengeance and have helped themselves to several of our peppers, tomatoes and roses over the last week or so. A buddy of mine has offered to buy a bus ticket for his own well fed deer in Campbell River and send them up to visit us. I think I’ll pass on the offer.

I was under the impression that deer didn’t like Hosta plants, but some of ours have been grazed upon this week as well. Not to mention the pruning job they’ve done on our blackberry bush. Oh well, when you live next to the forest you have to put up with all the neighbours. Speaking of which we spotted a couple of coyotes one morning this week walking through the yard. That’s a first for us, but probably not the last new discovery I’ll bet.


Sylvia cooked up most of the rest of the Chard for dinner today, and it’s a bit of a nice change from all the meals of Kale we’ve had lately. We are still spreading our bounty around to neighbours and some of our pickleball friends. Last year we planted about 50% more Kale than we did this year, and got really tired of eating it, but even with the smaller amount of plants we still have more than we can handle. At least it tastes good, and the deer don’t seem to like it.

We’ve also had a couple of surprises in the garden this year, not the least of which was some sort of melon. It doesn’t look like a cantaloupe on the outside, but sure does on the inside. It tasted pretty good and was really juicy but we only got a couple of them, and the second one wasn’t nearly as tasty.


Saturday night we had a year end wrap up part for our group of pickelball players. In the next couple of weeks quite a few folks are beginning their treks to Arizona, so we figured we’d try and get everyone together while we still could. We met at a local golf course for a mini tournament which my team won, which only shows you how tough the competition was. It was a scramble format, which in my vast realm of golfing experience I’d never had a chance to play before. For those of you who don’t know the format (just like me before I got there) everyone in the foursome hits off the tee, and once the best shot has been determined everyone gets to hit their next shot from that spot. This allowed me to take it easy on the long tee shots that I’m not very good at and play some decent short iron shots that I’m capable of making. I also found out that it’s easier to make a putt when you’ve watched 3 others attempt the same putt from the same spot. I made a few puts of almost 6 feet and drained a 20 footer on the last hole that gave us a 30 on the front nine which is 3 under par for that course. That’s usually the score I get on the first 4 or 5 holes when I’m counting my own score.

Sylvia didn’t want to golf, but showed up for the dinner afterwards. A couple of the ladies there didn’t recognise her as she didn’t have her hair up in a pony tail and hidden under a ball cap and was dressed in a very classy way. That’s where the line ‘She Cleans Up Good’ came from and they both said it to me before we left. I think they’re right, although I’ve always known it.

Part of the evening’s festivities included a gift exchange. Some of the gifts were gags, and some were quite nice. One guy picked up a nice bottle of wine, and another got a corkscrew. They made sure they got together before the evening was over. Sylvia picked up a shirt that should start up some interesting conversations on the Pickleball courts in Arizona.


It’s too big for her, so I guess I’ll have to carry the burden of wearing it.

The gift I picked up was a very nice little wind-chime, and I was convinced that I might be bringing it back for next year’s event. That is until I ran into Bev who was trying desperately to find someone to exchange her gift with. I was more than happy to oblige, so I ended up with….


A Pig. And not just any pig, but a mostly anatomically correct female pig. Do you know that they can suckle up to 18 piglets at a time. I didn’t.

We’re off to visit family the next couple of weekends, and in between trips we’re cleaning up the yard and prepping the RV for our trip south. We’re not leaving for 7 weeks or so, but I want to get the thing shiny and clean before I subject it to the grime and slush we’ll probably see on our way. Tell me if that makes sense to you?!?


7 responses to “She Cleans up Good!

  1. Norma Hosta plants were the first thing to go. Probably because they are right beside where the deer got under the fence.


  2. One of our daughters collects pigs. She should have been there! What a great time with friends.


  3. Hey, where’s the photo of your “she cleans up good” girl? Headliners should always be illustrated, ’cause we all know that Sylvia does “clean up” REAL classy!! …. (but NOT in that infamous humungus ‘champion’ T-shrit.) What a fun night… piggy wiggy included.
    Now get cleanin’ that RV so you can nicely mess it up again soon 🙂 …… K


  4. So much happening in the garden. I bet your neighbours appreciate the fresh veggies/fruit you pass on to them. Obviously, your deer friends are most appreciatve too.

    Congratulations on the pickleball win. Sylvia would clearly drown in that large T-shirt.

    Washing the RV has to be a sign that the southern climes are calling. We have also started fussing a bit with our 5th wheel.


  5. As for the Deer you can always try the Comox fix……….paintball gun. Soon your neighbourhood would be the home of the spotted deer.


  6. Deer here are getting hungry too. My columbines and primrose bit the dust last week. Sylvia looks great, her hair is getting long! We will be at CV on December 1st. Looking forward to seeing you both. Are you still planning on traveling to NZ or AUS?


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