Wow, It’s November!

The fall season here in Kelowna has been quite different from our first couple of years. Where the past couple of Octobers have had a fair bit of cloud and especially fog hanging around the valley we’ve enjoyed a very mild past several weeks. We haven’t seen any freezing temperatures yet, and it’s been so mild that the lawn is still growing and many of the leaves are still on the trees. Not that any of this is a bad thing, but  after mowing the lawn today I know that I’ll have to do it again in a few days just to pick up the rest of the leaves that will eventually fall. I’d just as soon get the yard work over with as we have less than 3 weeks left before we head south and lots to do.

We spent a couple of days cleaning up the trailer and removing all the Bounce Dryer sheets from the spots we’ve hid them in. The purpose of the sheets was to hopefully stop any mice from setting up residence in the trailer after our issues earlier last year. The sheets seem to have worked, as there was no evidence of any further infestations. After picking up all the sheets and cleaning up the trailer we ran our carpet cleaner through the unit. A friend of ours recently spent $200 hiring Sears to clean their RV carpets for the first time in a few years. We clean ours every year with our home unit, and it seems to have paid for itself many times over compared with $200 a pop.

We’ll put some of our stuff in place in the trailer over the next 10 days or so, and then we’re off to the Fraser Valley to visit with Sylvia’s folks before we come home to finish packing up and look for warmer weather. We’re spending all 4 months of this season in Gold Canyon which will be different for us as we’ve never been there that long. Mind you since we had so much fun last winter I don’t think we’ll have any problems enjoying ourselves for the entire winter.

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks catching up on chores and administrative duties and attending a couple of music events. The administrative side of things has included putting together a hard copy of the blog from the last year. A couple of my Aunts in Saskatchewan do not have any access to a computer, and so I’ve resorted to printing out the blog and sending it to them. Last year I was new to the process and ended up printing the whole book in chronological order from newest to oldest, just like it appears on the web. That made it more than a bit difficult to read as you had to do it from the back of the book, so I did some more research this year and found a service called BlogBooker which would rearrange the blog in an easily readable format and allow me to download it as a Document. This allowed me to edit the sizes of all the pictures we had taken and make a very nice book layout which I then had printed at Staples. I decided to do it in colour this time, as we had so many great pictures from our adventures, and a black and white photo just doesn’t allow anyone to see how blue the sky is in Arizona. I’m sure my relatives will appreciate the change. IMG_8665  IMG_8667

The music side of things included a trip to Vernon for the Seedy Release party for a trio called Steel Wound who we’ve been privileged to hear at several coffee houses in the last couple of years. Their album is called Last Dance at the Starlight Lounge, and they decorated the Elks hall in Vernon to look something like what I remember from the movie Cabaret.


It was a great night of music, and while an Acoustic, Alt-Folk Jazzy Blues band is not normally a dance band it was surprising to see how many folks got up and filled the floor. And yes, Sylvia did get me out there……once. Kerry Parks is the fella on the right, and we spoke to him a week later about the dancing and he was quite surprised to see how many people decided to get up and cut a rug. He thinks they might just have to re-brand themselves.

This week we headed north to Vernon again to attend a House Concert at Sylvia’s brother’s home. Ray and Betty have had a number of concerts in their home the last few years, but always when we were in the US. We were happy that they managed to schedule one while we were still home, and we had a great night listening to Andrew and Zachary Smith. We’ve seen them a few times before and always enjoy their songs and stories. Unfortunately the venue was too dark to take any decent pictures, so you’ll have to believe me. Also there was no dancing involved this week, much to my delight.

So this is the view from our deck these days. As you can see the Cherry tree is still covered with leaves that we’re waiting to sweep up.


What you might have missed in the previous pic was our resident deer just waiting for us to leave so she could come down and chew up our Blackberry bush. We survived the summer quite nicely without having them mow down most of our yard, but recently we’ve lost quite a few roses


They do hide really well in plain sight. This is where she perched herself for a couple of hours after I used my poor skills with a slingshot to shoo her away from our shrubs. I know it might be a fools game to try and keep them out of the yard, but hopefully I can imprint an inhospitable impression on them before we leave for the winter. Wish me luck.


The next couple of weeks will be pretty busy, but we’re starting to cross items off of our to-do lists and get ready to leave. Can’t come soon enough for me, but then again I’m just impatient.


5 responses to “Wow, It’s November!

  1. Great letter – great pictures. Good luck on the deer!


  2. Excited for you guys heading back south! Say hi to Wally and Joan and Lydia for me.

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  3. No snow here either, but we have had some below freezing temps at night. We are also starting to pack our trailer to head to AZ. See you soon!

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  4. Fun to read about your preparations for heading south! It’s coming soon, isn’t it? You must be leaving about a week before we are, as we’re leaving the Sunday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 30) which is about 4 weeks. Will take 3 days to get there so we should be there Dec. 3. Just had a great picture of our new place mailed to us from Pat, our real estate lady and it looks pretty nice!! Just hoping the inside is a finished as the outside! Getting excited to get there and get settled in! Have a few things that we still have to buy – couch, washer/dryer, rugs, lamps, etc, but with the stuff we have already in AZ and the things that we’re bringing, we should have enough to get settled in well enough when we get there. Can’t wait to see you guys! Have to promise me that just once you’ll get Larry and me out on the pickle ball court, just so we can say we’ve tried it 🙂 With our creaky knees, I really don’t think it’s something that we will be able to do on a regular basis, but I really want to give it a try at least once! Have a safe trip and see you in a few weeks!!

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  5. Our fiver came out of the side yard today. The cleaning and prep work has begun in earnest. I am happy to read that the Bounce dryer sheets worked to keep the mice away. That seasoned RVer who led us on to this proved himself right, time, after time, after time. Anyone who had problems before has not since had a return visit from mice when Bounce sheets were used.

    The deer does hide well in the thicket of brush that surrounds your place. As cute as they are, they can be annoying to hold at bay from one’s yard. Sure glad we don’t have that problem with our new home.

    Good luck with the west coast visit and packing up the fiver. We may well visit Gold Canyon in early 2015.

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