I Can’t Win


Several mornings lately we’ve been treated to our local deer family lounging around our backyard while we prepare our breakfast. I’m still pulling out the slingshot and the ice cubes to try and make life uncomfortable for them, but I think they’re just laughing at me as I keep finding them camped out in the backyard most mornings. I’ve also discovered that the few remaining roses and the leaves on our Blackberry bush have been mowed down. I hate deer. They’re just large (very large) rodents.

Things are winding down for us here in Kelowna, although I’m still waiting for a bunch of leaves to fall from our fruit trees before I can spray them with protective oil for the winter season.  It will have to be done this week (ready or not), as we’re heading to the Fraser Valley for a few days next week before we head out of town.

One of the chores we had on our list was trips to the dentist last week. It was supposed to be a regular cleaning and a ‘see ya later’ until next spring. That changed as soon as the hygienist took a look in my mouth and said ‘Oh! That’s not good’. It turns out that I had an abscess that ended up with me needing a root canal and a week’s worth of antibiotics. The procedure was attempted last Thursday, and they were unable to complete the job as one of my nerves had calcified over and they couldn’t get it opened up for the life of them. They put in a plug and some medication to soften up the canal, and hopefully we can complete the procedure this week. The partial process left me rather uncomfortable for a few days, but things have settled down. Now I have to look forward to doing it all over again on Friday.

One of the other more pleasant chores on the list was to put together a number of premixed packages of muffin mix so Sylvia can bake some wonderful muffins over the winter. She ended up with 8 packages of muffins and 2 packages of scones which are my specialty. So we are all set with home-baked goodies over the winter.

We had our Daughter in Law’s parents over for dinner on the weekend, and Sylvia managed to put together a nice centerpiece from the various bushes in our yard. So maybe it’s a good thing that all the leaves haven’t fallen off and blown away. The dinner and the company was great too.


The weather has finally turned colder and it’s actually staying  below freezing overnight this week, so the leaves should start falling in a hurry; or so I hope. At least it’s not snowing like I’ve been seeing from several of our friends on Facebook. The Polar Vortex (or what they used to call a Winter Weather Pattern) has landed full force in the center of Canada, and is sending snow and cold temps to most of the northern and Central USA. A friend of ours is starting a petition on Facebook asking us all to vote ‘Yes’ for Global Warming this year.

November 11th is Remembrance Day in Canada, and for the first time in many years we decided to take part in a local ceremony honouring those who gave their lives for our freedom. We’ve always tried to watch the National ceremony on TV, but with the recent attacks on Canadian Military personnel in Eastern Canada we thought we should attend in person. We were not alone in thinking that this year was a special time to attend, as there were reports from all over the country about large crowds showing up. It was no different in West Kelowna, as we arrived quite early and had to park quite a ways away from the arena, which was jammed full by the time the parade started. There was no overt show of security in place like there was in some of the major centers, but all the RCMP officers in attendance were wearing their sidearms while dressed in their Red Serge which is not the usual setup for a ceremonial parade. Whereas in the past they’ve usually been unarmed for these events, times have changed in Canada, and not necessarily for the better.

We’ve started loading up the trailer with all the stuff we can this week, have bought our Travel Insurance, and will have one day next week to finish up with the clothing and food and then we’re on our way. I don’t know about you, but this seems to be taking forever!

I usually do not delve into the realm of politics, especially American Politics, as we have far too many friends South and North of the Border on both sides of the political spectrum. I couldn’t resist this letter to the editor though. The writer sums up my confusion quite nicely.

Finally, I thought I’d throw in a couple of pics of the Sumac tree in our backyard. The left shot is from yesterday morning with lots of leaves. And the right one this morning, less than 24 hours later showing nothing but branches.

IMG_8692 IMG_8694

It seems that I now do have lots of leaves to pick up. They sure come down in a hurry when they start falling.


6 responses to “I Can’t Win

  1. That article won approval from several of our American friends. I think Obama is going to be missed.

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  2. Prepackaged muffins and scones? Recipe please!


  3. I sense that the deer have succeeded in harassing you. Hmmmm! What to do? Our friends who live just south from you, in Peachland, face the same struggles. The deer always win.

    Good luck with the dental procedure, stocking the fiver, gathering the leaves and your trip to the coast.


  4. You and Sylvia seem to be doing the same things we are. Trip to dentist next week (for cleaning only we hope), and then we are off. We have been packing the trailer, and making muffins. Trying to clean out our pantry 🙂

    Love the Letter to the Editor. See you in the WARM weather! (-8F here this a.m.)

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  5. We have spent hundreds of dollars trying to control the deer and have actually mostly succeeded by installing the wire fence around the populated part of our property. Now just to remember to shut the gate!

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