Lake Havasu Day 1

As I mentioned in an earlier post we decided to stop over for a few days in Lake Havasu because we’d passed through before but never stopped to see the sights. This community was established and then developed in the late 60’s by Robert McCulloch of the McCulloch Chainsaw company. He was a multi talented individual as he developed a car engine supercharger that was used in Studebakers and Ford Thunderbirds back in the 50’s. The device was also converted to scrub CO2 out of the air inside the US Navy’s submarines. He is also the developer of the Fountain Hills community outside Phoenix, as well as a couple of others in Colorado and Nevada. He sure didn’t have much idle time.

The weather here has been just what we wanted. It was a bit breezy at dinner time on our first night here, but today was a sunny and warm treat with no noticeable wind. After spending the morning exploring the facilities here in the RV park (quite nice and in great condition) we discovered that this park is associated with the Columbia Sky park we stayed at in Kennewick. The owner has really put together some nice amenities and  both parks are terrific places to stop for a visit.

After lunch we decided to head to a car wash and get some of the grime off of the truck. After last year’s trip south where we never saw a drop of rain and ended up in California with a pretty clean truck and trailer we were treated to 2 days of rain, snow and sleet so everything is pretty dirty this year.


The truck looked pretty good coming out of the car wash, but don’t look too close. They spent quite a bit of time wiping off the water and cleaning the tires and  windows, but they missed quite a few spots. I think I’ll forego getting the trailer washed as I’ll probably just have to do it over again myself as I will have to with the pickup.


One of the features in Lake Havasu is the London Bridge. It was originally built in the early 1800’s to replace a 600 year old London Bridge that was the origin of the nursery rhyme ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’. By the 1960’s this bridge was also falling down as it was sinking into the Thames River. The city of London decided to auction the bridge off rather than tear it down and Robert McCulloch won the auction at a bid of $2.4 million. It took another $4.5 million to dismantle the bridge piece by piece, number each and every brick, ship it all to Arizona and reassemble it across to an island in Lake Havasu. A pretty special accomplishment, and not all that expensive considering what it costs to build a bridge these days.


The lamps that adorn the railings of the bridge are pretty interesting (despite the tacky Christmas lights they’ve bolted to them) as they are made from melted down cannons captured from Napoleon’s army in the early 1800’s. I guess if you win the war you can do what you want with the hardware.


We spent quite a bit of time walking along the waterfront and watching all the expensive boats go by. I kept thinking that our friends Brian and Kathy (the water babies) would really like it here, as they’d get their water fix each and every day.


Despite the warm weather, Sylvia hasn’t quite gotten into the shorts and sandals routine like I have. She was complaining about being too warm during our walk though. Wednesday we’re planning on finding a hiking trail and as it’s supposed to be even warmer we might just get a picture of her white legs. Stay tuned!



4 responses to “Lake Havasu Day 1

  1. I really enjoyed seeing your photos of Lake Havasu as that was our very first destination when we made our initial snowbirding trip.

    Enjoy Thanksgiving Day and hope you find a Turkey Dinner.

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  2. Yeah! Sunshine and heat; finally! The truck looks nice and clean.

    We also enjoy spending a few days in Lake Havasu. That is our plan before we fly out of Las Vegas and back for Christmas at home.

    What! No pickle ball courts in Lake Havasu????

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  3. What RV Park are you in?


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