Havasu Day Two

We decided to head to SARA Park today for a hike. The name of the park stands for Special Activities and Recreational Area. There are quite a variety of sports available in the park from BMX tracks and RC car racing to Stock Car tracks and Softball fields as well as several other activities. They even have a dog park that was quite busy when we drove by.


One of the hikes was to the top of this little hill, but we decided to give it a pass this time. We figured we need to ease back into the hiking mode.


The trail we decided to attempt was called Crack in the Mountain trail, and is a 5 mile round trip that includes a short but very challenging slot canyon. The canyon was barely wide enough in spots to walk through without turning sideways. Most of the route was in a wide sandy wash, and was rather difficult to walk in as it was very soft and didn’t give us any support at all.

IMG_8740  IMG_8746IMG_8742

One of the ‘high’ points of the canyon was what was referred to as a 7 foot fall. It was billed as a smooth drop that you could slide down on your butt. It turned out to be closer to 9 feet, and a lot closer to vertical than any slide I’d like to send my grandkids down, much less a grandmother. The one saving grace to doing this hike by ourselves is that there was no one around to take any embarrassing pictures of us utilizing some of our more delicate hand positions as I helped Sylvia down the slide.

IMG_8744   IMG_8745 

There were quite a few challenging spots, and we kept wondering how we were going to make it back up the canyon on our way back.

IMG_8747 IMG_8748

The slot was only about a 1/4 mile long and when it was over we were back in wide open spaces and lots of greenery.


The end of the trail brought us down to the lake, but on the far side of this cove we saw a picnic table that we thought would be a nice place to stop for our snack time. The hike to that side of the water was about another 20 minutes.


We’re glad we made it to the table, as it was another nice view.


We decided to stay away from the wash and head back on a different trail as we figured that even though it was classified as more difficult, it would be easier to walk on than the soft sand.


We ended up walking right above the slot canyon we were in earlier.


We enjoyed the return trip even though it was much more wide open and a higher elevation so we had views of the lake most of the way back to the truck.


We covered the 5.3 miles in exactly 3 hours and were quite tired by the time we got back to the trailhead. After heading back to the RV for lunch and a shower we made the mistake of sitting down on our easy chairs for a half hour or so. We could hardly get up out of the chairs. I think we’re a bit out of shape. I’m sure that will be fixed shortly as we’re looking forward to hiking with the group in Gold Canyon starting next week, and I’m sure they won’t show us any mercy.

On another note it seems that we got away from Kelowna just in time. There was a major snow storm there last night and we’ve heard that our neighbours were housebound all day as they couldn’t get out down the street. We’re quite happy we made it to the sunny weather in plenty of time. Did I mention it’s supposed to be 80 here tomorrow?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US, or as the TV ads seem to all be saying “the day everyone has off to prepare to shop their brains out on Black Friday” which actually starts at 5:00 on Thursday. We’re just planning on staying out of everybody’s way for the next two days. Maybe we’ll take it easy and get some laundry done before we depart on Friday. Maybe Sylvia will even break out her shorts, or at least a set of capri’s.  Let the fun begin!


5 responses to “Havasu Day Two

  1. That was a really nice hike. Does Sylvia require +90 heat before the long pants are put away? LOL

    We are enjoying nice temperature. How nice that is!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brian & Kathy Driver

    Boy …. what a smooth getaway before the Kelowna snowfall. Of course if you still lived on Van Island you wouldn’t have that to worry about that 🙂 Yet the rain (but warm) makes us envious of that sunshine you’ve found already.


  3. We were there for the snow storm but still managed to leave the next day. Thanks for showing us a side of LHC that we have never seen. Interesting hike.


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