Last day in Lake Havasu City

After a decent hike on Wednesday we needed to take it pretty easy Thursday as Rod in particular was pretty sore. Just feeling my age I guess.

We didn’t have much we could do as most everything was closed for Thanksgiving Day, even most of the vendors down on the waterfront walk by the bridge. That didn’t stop a busload of Asian tourists from stopping to take pictures of the seagulls though.

It was plenty warm enough for Sylvia to break out the shorts though!


Fortunately the tour bus passengers all decided to head downstream, and we had this end of the walkway all to ourselves.


We had a nice sunset again last night, and have enjoyed our time here. It’s not a place I’d like to stay for the entire winter, as we don’t have a boat but being around the lake for a while is nice.


Today we’re off to Gold Canyon, let the games begin! (Pickleball, Softball, Competitive Fun etc.)



4 responses to “Last day in Lake Havasu City

  1. do u know how cold it gets there by new years dave

    *Sun Fun**Dave *


  2. Welcome “home” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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