We’re in Gold Canyon,

But due to really crappy park Wifi we have virtually no service here at out site. We’ve made arrangements for cable internet to be installed on Tuesday, so we’ll be back in business.
We do have the satellite dish set up, so we (I) will be able to watch the Grey Cup on Sunday. That will be good!


7 responses to “We’re in Gold Canyon,

  1. Disappointed to hear the wifi is still crappy! Was so hoping that that was something they would have addressed over the summer and we would return to great wifi service. I guess not, huh? Bummer! See you Wednesday if our travels go as planned! Can not wait!


  2. Wow, our WiFi is working great here. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to stop by today. See you soon!


  3. Back at you home away from home, I see.

    Wtih so many RV parks offering supposed good WiFi that seldom works, we went with a Verizon Ellipses Jet Pak. We are thrilled with the service and power. We have Face Timed from all locations and it always works. Email is speedy quick as is Internet browsing. So far, so good!

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    • We bought a Verizon Mifi last year, but it kept dropping our Skype calls. If we ever spend the winter travelling we’ll deal with mobile internet, but as long as we plant ourselves in one location we’ll look for a wired solution whenever we can.


  4. I gave up on park WiFi’s a few years ago and have since gone with broadband cable from Time Warner – it’s worth every penny!!


  5. Everyone has to figure out what is right for them re wifi. The most important thing is to get something that works for you. Can’t imagine not having it.


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