Play, Work (kinda), Rest, Repeat

We’ve been here in Gold Canyon for just over a week, and other than the first couple of days getting things set up, washing the RV and stocking the refrigerator we’ve been spending our time playing and relaxing.

After the nice day for hiking on Wednesday we had to endure a night and day  of heavy rain, the same rains that soaked Southern California made their way here. We got so much rain overnight that when I opened the door in the morning I could hardly get it open as the awning had filled up with water and was bowed down far enough to impede the door. We’ve always kept our awning in place every day except when strong winds come up, but have never had any water build up in it. I think the fact that we have finally got our trailer perfectly level this year left the awning in a position where it couldn’t drain properly, and we were fortunate to see it before the weight of the water broke the fabric. We’ve since adjusted the angle of the dangle so that any future rains shouldn’t cause us any issues.IMG_8811

Considering we’ve only been away from home for two weeks and have seen more rain than we saw the entire winter last year I think we’re due for some drier weather. It’s been pleasantly warm most days though ranging from the mid 60’s to mid 70’s most every day and low 50’s at night. Very easy to handle. The rains and cloudy skies have certainly made for some nice sunsets this week. The park is not that full these days, and it’s nice to be able to look out the window with an unobstructed view of the sunset. That’s certainly not going to last long, as people are arriving every day.

The rains on Thursday made it easy for us to stay inside and catch up on some of our business issues. Sylvia keeps track of all our expenses on a spreadsheet, that takes no small amount of diligence to keep updated. As well, I had some paperwork to do for a job I’ve inherited from my Mom’s family that has recently required more paperwork duties. Neither job is a burden, they just take time, and it was nice to have a inside day to accomplish them.


Friday we decided to forego the club led hike and spent our morning playing pickleball to try and sharpen our skills. One of the reasons for this decision is that we had signed up to play in a tournament on Saturday put on by the club here in the park. In the end, 43 of us tested our skills in 3 separate divisions. Sylvia ended up with 5 wins and 3 losses in her division and wound up 6th out of 11 participants. I played pretty well in the morning, and won 4 of my first 6 games and ended up playing for the prize in the top group of the Intermediate division. Things didn’t go all that well for me in that round, and I ended up 4th out of 16. I did have a lot of fun though, and figure I can play with any of these folks.


The rest of Saturday was pretty quiet, as we were rather beat from all the competitive pickleball, but I did manage to get in a bit of a walk and came across this bunch of Model A’s in the parking lot.


These folks weren’t from our park, but were on a bit of a parade between various RV parks. I talked to one of the drivers, and he said it was a bit of a challenge getting down the freeway when the top speed of the cars was about 20 MPH.

On Sunday we attended the local Church Service where I got back onto working the sound board. I got a few comments appreciating the job I do which was nice. Mind you I also got another snide remark from my regular critic about how loud it was. Some things never change I guess. I spent the afternoon changing out the kitchen tap in the RV as we’ve had some troubles with it. The fittings for an RV tap are different from a house tap, so I had to take a trip to Home Depot (but only one trip) to pick up some fittings. Sylvia stayed at the RV while I ran the errand and didn’t quite understand that having the water shut off also meant that the pump shouldn’t be run while the plumbing was opened up. At least the pump switch is right next to the taps, so she noticed the water spilling all over the place right away before it flooded the kitchen.

On Monday I’m back playing softball again, and as I haven’t touched my glove or bat since last March it should be interesting. It’s just like riding a bike isn’t it? The rest of the week should be busy, as the weather is staying nice, and we should be able to find things to keep us entertained.


5 responses to “Play, Work (kinda), Rest, Repeat

  1. Congrats to you both on your pickleball accomplishments!

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  2. There is always something to repair, good thing you drained the awning before that got added to the list!

    We have has some rain here in Palm Springs as well but we are hoping we are done with that for a while. In any case, it is better than last year when we were shivering in the Rio Grande Valley at this time.

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  3. I figured you would get the rains we lived through in California.

    RV fix ups? Comes with ownership, for sure.

    You two do keep busier than a one armed paper hanger.

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  4. Hey superPickleballcouple! Good for you guys. A little friendly competition keeps you sharp and fit. Make sure you post a pic of the trophy after you you crush it!!!


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