Butcher Jones Trail

This was the name of the hike our club went on today. It traverses the north side of Saguaro Lake, about 3o minutes or so from our park and is a bit more than 5 miles round trip. I did a bit of research into the name as it’s always struck me as an unusual title. It turns out that the trail was named after William J. Jones who was a Surgeon in the area about 100 years ago. Quite the nickname for a Doctor.


It was another fine morning in Arizona, with not a cloud in the sky. The water was very still and calm first thing in the morning. We’ve been to the lake before on weekends when it was not so calm.


The lake is very narrow and not very long, with a very large active marina at one end. When the locals show up on weekends with their fishing and recreational boats things get quite hectic. There is also a cruise boat we’ve been on called the Desert Belle that runs up and down the lake on a regular run.IMG_8824

Some friends of ours have kayaked on this lake far around the end of this bend. Eventually the waterway meets up with the dam that holds back the water of Canyon Lake which we will be hiking to, or around, later on this season. IMG_8828

After 2.5 miles of fairly flat hiking we made it to the end of the trail where we found some of the softest rocks we could to rest and have a snack. IMG_8830

It was fairly hazy around here today. One of the reasons is that the humidity level is quite high for the desert, approach 50% which is much higher than the 10 – 15% we’re used to.


It was a real pretty hike, and much warmer than the last time we went on this hike 2 years ago. It was the first hike Sylvia ever went on with the club, and we were all dressed in coats and jeans to keep warm. That wasn’t necessary today as it was warm and toasty.IMG_8835

The lake was reflecting the blue sky quite nicely and the water looked quite inviting. IMG_8836

We did come across this little fella today. He was dead, but didn’t look like he’d been gone for long, as he was still quite soft and pliable, not that I was willing to poke him with my finger. Even curled up like this he was almost 3 inches across.IMG_8837

After the hike we stopped at the marina for lunch with a few fellow hikers. This was the view from the restaurant patio. Not a bad way to eat lunch and shoot the breeze with great friends. It was a perfect day!


After we got back to the RV we had a chance to FaceTime with our Grandson Payton who turns 7 today. I don’t quite know how we got old enough to have Grandkids aged  7 and 8, but they’re sure a fun age.

On another note, today was the day for Jean Beliveau’s funeral. For those of you who are not hockey fans he was one of the finest players on the Montreal Canadiens during the 50’s and 60’s. I didn’t start watching hockey until I was about 12 years old. This has left me unable to remember the time when the Toronto Maple Leafs ever were good enough to win the Stanley Cup, something I’m oddly proud of. However I do recall watching Beliveau win the cup 3 times before he retired in 1971. He was a class act while he played, and remained so all through his retirement. He even said no to two different Canadian Prime Ministers who offered him positions in the Canadian Senate and the job of Governor General. He was extremely popular in his home province of Quebec, and throughout Canada. It seems that there’s just not enough athletes playing or retired who show his level of class anymore. He will be missed.

Tomorrow we’re back on the Pickleball courts as we have a lesson scheduled. We’re both enjoying how things are going with the game this winter, and I was invited to play in a fun tournament with the RV park next door on Friday. As we’d already decided to go on another hike on Friday (as it’s one we’ve never been on before) I can’t make it, but hopefully I’ll get asked again, as I really enjoyed the tournament last weekend.


6 responses to “Butcher Jones Trail

  1. Right on about Beliveau a class guy……..but then I am not old enough to have seen him play………later

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  2. Great hike!
    My childhood dentist was known locally as The Butcher Bailey!

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  3. So happy to be getting my exercise thru your posts. Soft rocks, eh!

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  4. Nice hiking country. Your next hike could call for warmer clothes though. It seems the weather is trendy cooler in the days ahead.


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